Images of France: Rocamadour

A few days after our arrival in France from Australia, we drove with my Dad to the South of the country, where our family Christmas celebrations are taking place.  It is a long way from Normandie in the northwest to Toulouse in the southwest, so we made an overnight stop at the medieval village of Rocamadour. Built into the cliffside on successive levels, it clings high above a canyon through which flows the Alzou. Its houses, roofs and churches seem to be part of the rock itself. 


Rocamadour lit up at night

Rocamadour in fog

Foggy morning, giving an eerie feel to Rocamadour

Rocamadour is one of the iconic touristic sites most visited in France, alongside the Mont Saint Michel, the medieval city of Carcassonne, the Tour Effel and the Chateau de Versailles. But we saw Rocamadour in an unusually quiet, deserted time. It was cold, moody, and actually wonderful for photography. We arrived just on dusk and managed to grab a few images in the fading light, then the fairy-like castle appeared all lit up at night. The next morning fog and drizzle enveloped the village. The streets were empty, and the weather conditions gave the village an eerie, mysterious feel.

Here are some images we hope you will enjoy. Click on the first one to display the gallery in full screen slide show.

33 thoughts on “Images of France: Rocamadour

  1. What a wonderfully atmospheric stopover and how lucky to be there when there are so few people about, just like deserted moorings, which I know you love. Hope you are having a lovely catch up with family and friends.

  2. oh wow Chris, these pictures are stunning. You make me feel my French roots no matter how far back they may be….superb!
    By the way who’s looking after your beloved Benji?
    Much love and Merry Christmas,

    • Hi Lisa, so glad to make you feel a little French! Yes Rocamadour in the fog is very photogenic. As for Bengie, we are sad to say she us in jail at the cattery.
      Joyeux Noel to you and Waz💕💕

  3. Hi
    I’ve been following your blog – we have built 3 Easy’s but sadly not currently on the water! We are in Cairns in FNQ – my Dad lives an hour south west of Toulouse in a village called Bourg de Visa about 30 minutes from Agen – I wonder where you are going to? Love the atmospheric photos – great photography! Travel safe and enjoy – cheers Michelle

    • Hi Michelle – 3 Easy’s – gluttons for punishment! Isn’t it a small world with your Dad not so far from where we are! We are in Toulouse now and will be spending some time in the Pyrenees. There will be more images to come from favourites places we visit. Thanks for the feedback 😊

      • I hope you are now back safe and sound in Australia – it is the hardest thing to say goodbye to beloved rellies knowing it may be some time till you see them again – if only Australia was just that bit nearer to England and France! Your photographs are truly beautiful thank you for a taste of France – I have visited both Toulouse and Rocamadour but see them in a totally new perspective from your photos – thank you for sharing – wishing you both all the very best for 2018 – happy sailing 😍

      • Hi Michelle. Thanks so much for the kind feedback. We are still in France for a few weeks, so more to share. Off to the Pyrenees now!

      • I’m sitting having a beer at the yacht club and can see take it easy out on the mooring. I’ll keep an eye on her. Good reason to have a beer on the club balcony lol

      • Good one! At least she has gone sailing without us! Another friend actually sent us a copy of a spread in the Age on Tuesday showing an aerial shot of the bay with Take It Easy in the foreground! The article was about the sweltering weather coming. It was really fun… we hope you enjoy a few beers in the coming weeks 😊

  4. What a fantastic place! Your photos are beautiful too! I’m so in awe about Rocamadour how beautiful it is. I’ve never heard about that place before. Enjoy your families! 🙂

  5. As usual, great photos and its funny how just looking at them makes me shiver…despite the fact we are expecting 32 degrees here today. . I dont have a french bone in my body (that I know of) but the streets seem to bring out an unexpected emotional response.

  6. Great post and fantastic images, and thanks for the details on Rocamadour. It’s new to us. We’ve been to three of the other four iconic locations you mentioned, and now we can add this to our list for possible future visits.

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