Images of France: Toulouse

For the last week of 2017 we are in Toulouse, where my sister Véronique et husband Didier live. We had joyful Christmas celebrations at their home with 15 of us reunited, a rare occasion.Our niece Virginie had just had a little girl, Lina, a month earlier. Here is my Dad with his four girls: two daughters, one grand daughter and his little great grand daughter – a precious time.


It is a wonderful occasion to catch up on each other’s lives… plenty to tell from all of us, so conversations are animated in a mix of French and English. Wade’s French and Véro’s English are improving!

As you would expect, we are pigging out on gorgeous cheeses, patés, crusty breads and other French cuisine which is amazing for the taste buds, but not so good for our waistline or my diabetes… nothing that can’t be fixed with a higher dose of insulin!


Toulouse, l’hopital de la Grave and the Garonne River

And here are a few images of Toulouse. It is situated on the banks of the Garonne River and sits on the edge of the Pyrénées. This is a very beautiful city with its grand buildings made of pink terracotta bricks, which earned it the name of La Ville Rose (the Pink City). Click on the first image to display the gallery in full screen slide show.  We are off to our beloved Pyrénées on Saturday for a week.

18 thoughts on “Images of France: Toulouse

  1. These are such wonderful photos Chris! Your family look very happy to have you and Wade. Congratulations to the new member of the family! 🙂

  2. Wonderful, I see your enjoyment spilling out in the photos. That smile of your Dad’s is priceless. Looks like a special time to share together, thanks for sharing a bit of it with us!

  3. Lovely pics from France. We were thinking of you guys as we enjoyed a stop-over at the south end of Waterloo Bay yesterday. We’ll head to Hogan Is. if conditions permit in the next few days. Happy new year to you and your family.

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