2017 in Pictures

On this last day of 2017, we take a look back at our twelve favourite images, those that really encapsulated the mood and feel of each month as the year progressed. Click on the first image to display in full screen slide show. The captions provide a little bit of background about our choices and what they represent. We wish you a happy, fun and healthy 2018. Let’s hope it is better than last year and not as good at the next!

22 thoughts on “2017 in Pictures

  1. What a year 2017 was!!! I hope 2018 is equally filled with fun and adventure for everyone.

  2. Hi Chris and Wade hope you guys had a great Festive season. thank you for sharing so generously your adventures Now that you are in France
    I hope that you have found out who Zinidine Zidane is
    I dont think hè does much sailing ha ha

    • Ok – we are shocked that you thought we did not 😊. One of the best French footballer, now coach of Real Madrid! See, we are getting some education! Happy new year to you both Gary and Ann.

  3. Time to look forward to lots of new adventures. No time constraints, just the wind in your sails and the boat skimming through the waves.

  4. Hi Christine, it’s lovely that you have shared your adventures with us all. Here’s wishing you the best for 2018 and lots more adventures to come for you both. And Bengie. Lots of love Sue and Richard.

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