Images of France: Hautes Pyrénées

This week we take you on a guided tour of the Hautes Pyrénées, and high they are in altitude and in emotion. As you might have guessed this return to this particular part of the Pyrénées after over 40 years has special meaning.

Firstly this is where as a family we spent every summer for many years. This is where my parents transmitted to my sister Véronique and I a love of nature and taste for effort. It is really special to revisit familiar sites with my family. The only sad thing is mum’s absence and the impact it has on my Dad.


Monné de Cauterets viewed from the Hautacam

Secondly we have come back to Argelès-Gazost, the very place we used to stay at, but this time it is in winter and a very snowy one at that!


The valley of Argelès-Gazost

Thirdly I wanted Wade to discover these spectacular mountains and understand why the Pyrénées have a special place in my heart. If there was one region in France I would  ever resettle in, the Pyrénées would be it and I think he would like it too, although his French would have to get a lot better! Skiing, surfing, sailing… he is great at, languages not so much!


Wade from the top of Pic de Naouit

So we take you on the grand tour. Lots of images are included as it was just too hard to keep the gallery to a dozen images! As usual, click on the first image to display in full screen slide show. The captions provide extra details.

We are leaving the Pyrénées on Saturday to return to Toulouse, then back to Normandie.

29 thoughts on “Images of France: Hautes Pyrénées

  1. Beautiful pictures Chris! The places are gorgeous. Enjoy your family and relaxing moments. 🙂

  2. Beautiful part of the world. I am pleased that going back was a wonderful experience for you all. Just love those mountains

  3. Beautiful scenery and how lovely to share it again with family.
    As you rug up we will find a cool spot to hide out on a 40+ day.

  4. I can easily see why this place would stay in your heart once you take some time to be there. It is special! There is something about a snow-covered peak glowing in the sunlight or being swallowed by the clouds, it makes me really happy. Thankful you were able to share this with your husband and to soak in this beauty, what a gift to all.

    • Thanks Carrie. I am really glad the images transmitted the awe we felt. It is a beautiful region, and I found it particularly spectacular in winter.

  5. Hi Chris, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I wondered how did your mum and dad come to make a family tradition of summer in the mountains?

    • Hi Murray – we just enjoyed the region and the place we rented so kept coming back! The mountains provided a lot of variety and we all loved walking.

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