Images of France: Normandie

Our return to Normandie heralds the end of our family reunion. We have had nearly four weeks with my Dad and a couple of these in the company of Véronique and Didier, so it has been time well spent.The change of scenery is remarkable: from the High Pyrénées to a very flat Normandie!

The years are passing so fast… they leave their indelible marks on all of us, but especially on my Dad who leads such a lonely and isolated life. His inability and unwillingness to make any change leave my sister and I feeling helpless. But he lives the way he can – in the past, in the shadow of our Mum.

Here are a few pictures from our trip northward and our stay at Beaumont, the small Normandie town where my Dad lives. There are not many images to share this time, as the wintery weather has been poor and has restricted what we could do. However one of the things I like about photography is that it does not just reflect our surroundings, but expresses the mood we are in: one of melancholy.

For a change of pace, we are now spending a few days in Paris just the two of us, then meeting up with Australian friends for a short stay in the Alps. We are glad to have reserved some time for a bit of fun witout family constraints.

15 thoughts on “Images of France: Normandie

  1. The photos are beautiful Chris, they look fantastic. I love images like that. I’m sorry to hear your dad is not moving forward, I guess in the end there is not a lot you can do about that. I look forward to catching up when you return.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Leanne. It means a lot to me. Yes we leave knowing we have tried, talked a lot about our feelings and made suggestions. That is all we can do and I can only hope it has helped him.

  2. Moody picture reflect the cold of a European winter and your sadness at leaving again. Have fun in the Alps

  3. Normandie is where one side of the French part of my family hails from so I really apprecate these lovely photos. I know I’ll never get to see it for myself but your pics bring it closer to me! Thanks for sharing!

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