Leaving Queenscliff harbour at last!

After a few more jumps through hoops we did not expect, our new engines are bolted on, the navigation gear has finally been installed and we can leave Queenscliff harbour at last!


No prize for guessing which yacht is Take It Easy!

The software glitch is gone, allowing the Navionics charts to display properly, and the autopilot, radar and wind instruments are back in operation. We have a temporary work around for the sounder while waiting for an adapter plug. We are very thankful for Brook’s – our marine electrician – diligence in getting us underway.


One new outboard in front, ready to bolt on, one old one off at the back



Raymarine Multi Function Display and box in place!

Take It Easy has been totally repowered and we are ready to go first thing on Tuesday. We will ride a nice breeze all the way to Apollo Bay, 57 miles to the south west of here, then we will head south to King Island and beyond with the next weather window. Here is a rough itinerary.


While waiting for all the gear, and waiting and waiting, we had a little look around Queenscliff. We have often visited this quaint seaside town at the entrance of Port Phillip Bay, yet we still discover scenic spots to explore and photograph, particularly on stormy days. Here are a few images from our stay.



The Queenscliff lighthouse is one of three in the world that are unpainted black stone, and the only basalt lighthouse in the southern hemisphere.



We can’t wait to see this lighthouse from the ocean tomorrow! It has been such a trying time getting to this point.

18 thoughts on “Leaving Queenscliff harbour at last!

  1. You’re so close to navigate now that you can taste it…Aren’t you? That’s anticipation, your adrenaline is circulating already. I’m so glad that all things are in working order. The next time that you shoot a picture of your vessel with the new sails on, allow me to make a copy for myself. If possible of course. Bon Voyage my friends may G-d be with you always. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, HJ. Yes we are spending today provisioning the boat, last round of laundry, and getting very excited! And of course we will post a few pics of TIE under sail… save any pics you would like.

  2. So happy to hear things have progressed and that the nightmare time is almost over. Looking forward to catching up with you somewhere along the way.

    • It is such a relief Leanne and so overdue! We celebrated last night with a friend who visited just after the electronics man left. We were sitting nearly in disbelief!

  3. Best wishes T.I.E. The west coast is formidable We look forward to reading about the adventures and photographs you will share. Godspeed and be safe.

  4. Have fun guys! Funny how Murphy usually works in 3’s but in your case, he seems to have made an exception. Hopefully, no more ‘tearing up of $50 notes in the shower’ for a while!

    • There might not be anymore luxurious showers to tear the dollars in and there are definitely no $50s left! Fingers crossed the calamities are over.

  5. Wonderful that you will be underway in the am. Travel safe and have fun. I hope the instruments work ok. good wind but no gales are the order of the day. ⛵️😃

  6. Well, at least you’ve got loads of new gear now. The resilience of those new outboards and other new gear may come in handy over the next 12 months. Enjoy the adventure!

  7. Goodluck. I know you are experienced in these waters, but if it were I going I would be very anxious. I will watch from the comfort of home

    • Well we are a little bit anxious, Clive, as although we have done a fair bit around Bass Strait and Tassie, the West coast will be ‘interesting’. But it is the right season for it and our best chance for reasonable weather. We are chickens at heart and will wait for the right conditions before we do the dash. Our first challenge is getting into Apollo Bay as the entrance to the harbour has silted up and they are dredging all day tomorrow!

  8. Looking forward to following your trip. Comments on the entrances and bars you go through would be appreciated. We hope to do a similar trip sometime in the next couple of years.

    • Hi Phil & Sue – the first entrance challenge will be Apollo Bay. We rang the Harbourmaster today as when we came through last year the leads were taking you straight through a sandbar. It has apparently got worse – right across the entrance – and is getting dredged today and tomorrow! We’ll update as we go along 😊.

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