“10 Commandments for winter cruising” published

Yachting Magazine Cruising Helmsman published our article about winter cruising in southern waters in their February 2018 issue. This summarises some of the learnings from the wintry start of our life afloat into 10 tips.

As Editor Phil Ross said in the exerpt, “Winter is coming, don’t pack up for the season, start with these simple lessons and get out there.

To read the article, click on the rainbow below. You can also find a copy of “The Ten Commandments for Winter Cruising” on the Published page of our website under the Practical Section. We hope this will prompt those of you who like the ocean to get out there, no matter the season.


6 thoughts on ““10 Commandments for winter cruising” published

    • Thanks HJ. People read yachting magazines for a range of reasons… interest, vicarious sailing, planning their own adventures… it all helps.

  1. Loved your article!! Wonderful tips, and beautiful photography, as usual! (Helped, of course, by the lovely clear winter air you mention!)

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