Illawarra Sailing

Although from the right direction, the breeze has not been very strong along the Illawarra coast, so no record breaking speed over the two days it took us to get south of Sydney. Just a motor sail from Batemans Bay to Crookhaven Heads, where we stopped for the night, then a spinnaker sail to Port Hacking. At this time of year, the days are getting shorter. We only have 10 hours of daylight, so we are gone by dawn and anchored before 5.00pm. 

Jervis Bay - -5635

Choppy water past Jervis Bay

Illawarra -5657

Dawn at Crookhaven Heads

Illawarra -5694

Illawarra Coast

The record breaking aspect of our passage was the number and variety of birds we saw: shearwaters, prions, petrels, and different albatrosses, including the stunning but endangered Indian Yellow-nosed. They are all amazing to watch, and challenging to identify, so this kept us amused, Wade with the binoculars in hand, and me with the camera. Degree of difficulty to photograph the birdies when the boat is rock and rolling: HIGH!  With the rebound along the tall cliffs of Jervis Bay and the Illawarra coast, not to mention the chop from the southerly breeze against the East Coast current, this was not a smooth ride!  Here is the pick of the photos:

Illawarra -5663

Fluttering Shearwater

TAS 2018 - West Coast-1829

Shy Albatross lifting off!

Illawarra -5815

 Immature Black-browed Albatross – look at that frown!

Illawarra -5777

Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross

Illawarra -5754

Shy Albatross heading straight for Take It Easy

Illawarra -5826

Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross, bravely running away!

Illawarra -5828

And he is off! 

Batemans to Port Macq

Once again we have a few days’ pause while the northerlies are back. It is a bit stop and start, but at least it allows us to catch up with our friend Sue over the weekend. At this stage the forecast is such that we are staying at Jibbon Beach till Tuesday. We should then have a few days of strong South West to do big downwind jumps to Swansea on Wednesday, Port Stephens on Thursday and may be Port Macquarie on Friday. But as usual, forecasts do change, so our plans are as they say “written in sand at low tide”.

16 thoughts on “Illawarra Sailing

  1. Great photos Chris! As always, you mastered the way to shoot super sharp photos from a ship that moves like a “see-saw” I can clearly see the swells of a choppy sea. I hope you get the right winds to make your sailing a bit smoother. Take care! 🙂

    • Thank you HJ, that is really kind of you. The sea often appears flat in photos even when it is not, so when the chop is obvious, you can guess how rough it is! 🌊

  2. Some beautiful shots which I recognise being my old sailing ground . When you are off Crowdy HD Port Macquarie stay in close as the east coast current is quite strong in that area as we found out. When you get to Mackay let me know .
    Fair Winds Medina

    • Hiya Mick! Thought you might recognise a few shots! We did not go right into Greenwell Point this time… anchored just off the boat ramp inside the Heads. And yes we will hug the coast. Nice of you to say hello!

  3. Photos are great, as usual. Those waves near Point Perpendicular look like meringues! That is certainly a washing machine area…

    • Hi Trish – yes we have never seen this area totally calm, and we were over a mile off! It’s very noticeable how the sea smoothed out once you have left the cliffs, but there is about 15 miles of washing machine cycle before it settles!

  4. Enjoyed your latest update. Did you manage to get a replacement weather station in Batemans ? I have a connection to Greenwell Point too ! Have a quiet time at Jibbons; it’s a convenient spot as you know.

    • Hiya Lisa, Friday or Saturday. The weather is looking a bit too gusty to start on Wednesday from Port Hacking. So might have to be a day later… will call you.

  5. Will keep an eye out for you in Port Macquarie from my scull over the weekend.Dont come in too close on the run from Crowdy- there’s some nasty rocks and reefs, as I”m sure you know.

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