SW back with a vengeance!

The South Westerlies have returned with a vengeance, which normally would mean it is time for another big downwind run. But they are particularly mean this time! We had Port Macquarie in our sights for the weekend, but it will take a bit longer!

We like orange on our sail trims and in the dawn skies, but not so much in the MetEye wind forecasts! And red is definitely not for us!

Weather Map

Tuesday before dawn and the arrival of the South West, we left Jibbon Beach, Port Hacking. We had a short sail up to Barrenjoey and Pittwater on a light NW and… we saw our first Humpback whales for the season. So exciting!

Off Sydney -5883

Off Sydney -5919

Tail lobbing off Botany Bay!

From Barrenjoey, it is just over 200 nautical miles to Port Macquarie. We planned to hug the coast where the wind is somewhat lighter. We thought we would make three overnight stops before getting to our destination: at Swansea, Port Stephens and Crowdy Head. However as you can see on the weather map, the orange and red bits are too close to shore to venture out there. So although the plan has not changed, the timing has!

We stayed put on Wednesday, and picked up a public mooring at Coasters’ Retreat. We enjoyed a great walk ashore in sunshine.

Pittwater -5992

Banksia ericifolia – now that is the kind of red and orange we love!

In fact it was so nice that we started wondering whether we should have sailed to Swansea. However when we got back to Take It Easy, the wind picked up and a mightly storm descended on us, complete with thunder, lightening, heavy rain and hail!  Right, well we don’t need to sail in that!

Pittwater -6048

Hail stones on deck – that is no sailing weather!

On Thursday things did not improve and in fact it looks like we will not move until Sunday. It is too wild to venture out there, and the next legs will have to wait a while.

Although we can’t wait to get to Port Macquarie, where our friends Waz and Lisa are expecting us, we have got to get there safely. So may be next week!?

19 thoughts on “SW back with a vengeance!

    • Hiya Ann, yes it did, but there was much mumbling about “thunder and lightening, very very frightening” from you know who! The hail was pretty amazing… our little gutter filled up with the stones! Very cold this morning, but sunny… staying in bed till the cabin warms up.

    • Hi Maree – very nice of you to visit. Yes this one was particularly vigorous. And as for the wind, we can cope with a 20-25 knot tail wind but 40 is out of our league.

  1. Hi Chris! Wow! With that kind of weather conditions I wouldn’t even drive on land! As you always have done, “the safe way is the only way” Just enjoy visiting places on land. Take care dear! 🙂

    • Hi Doug – way too much for us and the swell is big too. Still horrendous storm clouds around although it is sunny again this morning. So no regrets, we’ll just have to go for another walk!

  2. I love the adventure in your posts! I understand the map, a solid decision to stay put, captain! Enjoy the days while you wait. Anything could happen. 😎👍🏻😃

  3. It looks like you should get a sleigh ride in a couple more days. Once this Low pressure system weakens and moves east there’ll be some good southerly conditions along the coast. We’re a little north of the worst of it at Wooli, and hoping for a good run under SW winds before the swells pick up. I reckon we’re going to end up in the same port at the same time before long.

  4. Hi TIE well we are in the same “boat” holed up at Flagstaff jetty, Lakes. We fluked it in late Tuesday arvo motored to Paynsville, stayed the night, fuelled the next day then motored back to Flagstaff ready for the next leg north. Really ugly out there. Thinking Monday if not Tuesday by the weather map. Looks like you guys are coping it too. We would really like to get around the corner then at least we know the hard yards are done. Love your blogs.
    Sail on.
    Chi and crew

    • Hiya Janne and John! You are on your way! Well done even if it is stop and start! Yes, very mean weather out there. We now have the added challenge of 83 containers floating around north of Newcastle, having fallen off a ship on Friday. Post coming out tomorrow morning about it. Don’t know when we can get away from Pittwater … May be Monday or Tuesday, but very nervous about what is drifting out there! Be careful too.

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