SW back with a vengeance!

The South Westerlies have returned with a vengeance, which normally would mean it is time for another big downwind run. But they are particularly mean this time! We had Port Macquarie in our sights for the weekend, but it will take a bit longer!

Close Encounters

When it comes to whale watching, we have hit the jackpot. Every single day we have seen several, sometimes at a distance, but at times we have had close encounters. We will never tire of seeing these magnificent creatures.

Humpback Whales’ Acrobatics

The Humpback Whales‘ acrobatics are such a fantastic spectacle to witness as you sail along and so very special from your own boat. Our close sightings at Broughton Island and then along the coast past Forster-Tuncarry and Seal Rocks with small groups of 3 or 4 putting amazing displays for us, have been a delight,…

Sea Mammals Series – Humpback Whales

Sea mammals have always held a special fascination for us. Wherever we sail, we are privileged to see many humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, fur seals and even the endangered dugong. Like all other mammals these creatures are warm-blooded, breathe air via lungs and suckle their young. In addition, they are supremely adapted to life underwater:…