Bengie is 12!

Joyeux Anniversaire Bengie! Our gorgeous girl is 12 years old today. So for her birthday we could not resist putting a post together with twelve of our favourite photos of her. 

She is a lovely companion, more adventurous and adaptable than most cats, more talkative than many too! She has been sailing with us ever since she was 4 months old, with her first big adventure being a circumnavigation of Bass Strait! She has transitioned to life afloat easily, just like we have.

We hope she is in our sea wanderers’ life for many more years.

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21 thoughts on “Bengie is 12!

  1. Happy Birthday Bengie!!
    How will you celebrate her birthday??
    A little swim around your home?
    Or many cat naps on your favourite cat?!
    Best wishes from Perisher Smiggins
    Waz and Lisa!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Bengie. I love these photos, Chris, especially the “Loves her life” portrait and the initial shot when she was only four months old. As you know, I look forward to seeing how you will feature her as you share with us your images and commentary of your adventures.

  3. well it seems like only yesterday when we met. It is good to see you enjoying life on board on a full-time basis.. Many adventures to come, even if you happen to fall in the water. Happy Birthday Bengie

  4. Enjoy your day Bengie what a life . Was great catching up with you guys. Did you sort the furler out?

    • Hi Mick & Lyn, thanks for saying hello to Bengie! Yes, it’s on its way to get fixed. We leave tomorrow to head for Airlie Beach where the manufacturer is going to provide new parts for both furlers! The rigger first sought we’d need to fit two brand new furlers – the staysail furler is also going the same way as the genoa one. But he talked to the manufacturer and the fix will be under warranty (a twenty year warranty), so all we will have to pick up is the cost of his time. Phew!

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