Terrific Tangalooma Weekend

Put four fun loving sailors together on Take It Easy, send them for a swift sail from Manly to Tangalooma on Moreton Island and you get a winning mix: great sailing, interesting wreck snorkeling, nice food and wine, many laughs and stories… We have just spent a terrific weekend with Wade’s cousins Grant and Deb, a real highlight!

Tangalooma -1012

Cruisy sail from Manly to Tangalooma

Tangalooma -1038

Tangalooma -1062

Grant taking us back to Manly

Tangalooma -1058

Swift sail back

Who does not like shipwrecks?

The Tangalooma Wrecks consist of a line of old Harbours and Marine Department steam driven dredges and barges on the edge of a sandbank. The rusty bones of fifteen old ships were deliberately sunk in 1963 to form a breakwall for small boats and also created a fantastic wreck dive site and artificial reef.


There was an abundance of marine life and although there was a bit of current running along the wrecks, you could let yourself drift, or swim from one ship to another to observe the fascinating array of rusty bits as well as the fish. It is a good idea to wear flippers to move around where you want to, and gloves to cover your hands as the oysters along the wrecks are sharp.

It was too hard to cut down the number of photos to include so we have a large gallery to share with you! As you know everything intrigues us: the fish, the rusty equipment, the water rushing in and out of port holes, the rich colors and reflections.

19 thoughts on “Terrific Tangalooma Weekend

    • Thanks Barbara. It really is. The usual mix of fish and the vitals are good but the best are the wrecks with their rusty hulls and equipment! We loved it and will probably go back.

  1. It is an interesting place to visit. Did you try and land the dingy in front of the resort, had a really funny experience there with resort security, I’m sure he wanted to shoot us..😎

    • Hiya Ross! Yes Tangalooma was good fun. We anchored TIE well past the wrecks at the southern end, away from the crowds and the resort. We dinghied over, throwing the pick in the shallows near the wrecks so it was not too far to swim in the current. The beach was too scary… not so much the resort security but the sand flies!

  2. OMG…. I’ve got to go to Tangalooma!
    Bucket list item is to dive on a wreck. Amazing pictures as usual Chris.I love this post and I am very jealous!
    Do they also have manta rays at a certain time of year at Tangalooma?
    : )

    • Hi Lisa – it was amazing although a bit crowded since we were there on a weekend. Would easily go back during a weekday. It is so easy to access too: only a 3 hour sail from Manly. Don’t think there are Manta Rays here, but definitely at the Heron Island/Wistari reef and Lady Elliot Island in the southern GBR!

  3. Hi Wade, I am at Tangaloma at present and coming to the big sand hills tomorrow. How long are you there for?

    • Hi Graham – nothing secret with Marine Traffic! It was a bit lumpy in front of the sand dunes early this morning but ok now in the ESE! We are here today,Tuesday, but may go back to Tangalooma in the next couple of days then back to Manly later this week to pick up some stuff at the Post Office. After that we’ll see how we feel. Might see you! Chris & Wade

  4. Wade so pleased you caught up with your family members. What a great time at those spectacular wrecks -fascinating.

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