Merry Festive Season

To our followers, friends and family, all our best wishes for a merry festive season. We hope these few days are a joyful time for you all. Spending time with family and doing things you love is precious.

We feel particularly lucky to be spending time in SE Queensland where a lot of Wade’s family resides, and we were fortunate to be welcome with open arms at cousins Phil & Lily, Grant & Deb over this time. It is special for ‘blow ins’ like us to be included in family celebrations.

It is also an incredibly exciting time as we get to know our beautiful catamaran Anui. We pinch ourselves every morning as we wake up and look around us. As catamaran friends said, “look at what Santa left you!”


Inside the saloon, Bengie has found a comfy spot, we have a few of our knick-knacks up – such a lovely home!


Favourite pictures up in our bedroom

On Boxing Day we took off, full of apprehension and hope for a magic day of learning on our new beast. It was a little disappointing to have to motor sail in hardly any breeze, but we still learnt lots and it was an opportunity to spend a full day out as we sailed from Paradise Point where we had been sheltered for a few days, out through the Goldcoast Seaway, and up to the northern tip of Moreton Island.

Even Bengie is getting used to a life of luxury, finding lots of spots to snooze in, and doing her deck patrol once we are at anchor. She is a pretty happy creature, as are we!

Here are a few pictures.

19 thoughts on “Merry Festive Season

  1. You’ve come a looooong way from the J5. Congratulations & Seasons Greetrings from Don Lorraine & Catnap

    • Lovely to hear from you, guys, yes what a progression! The biggest jump was from Felix to Medina – about a third more each time after that. Would not want to go beyond the size of Anui! But what fun… enjoy the festive season.

  2. The Anui looks better and better! Inside or outside is so huge and well decorated. your artistic touch will make it fabulous! 🙂

  3. Anui looks great. What do the dagger boards do exactly? presume keeps the boat steady? Glad you had a good Chrissy. I had a nice time catching up with the rels. It was nice to come home in time for NYE. Had a good time at the Parcells last night. Today is all about catching up with the computer and paperwork. But it is at least relaxing. Have fun and all the best for the Boatworks activities

    • Hi Susie. The dagger boards stop the boat from sliding sideways when the wind is from the beam or when going upwind. You can sail about 5 to 7 degrees higher into wind with them down. They tend to be installed on performance oriented cats. It’s all new learning for us since we had mini keels on Take It Easy. Big week coming up at Boat Works. With most of the trades coming back either on 3/1 or 7/1, it will be all go. Feeling nervous just thinking about bringing Anui into the marina tomorrow morning!

      • I am sure you will succeed very well Chris, just remember TIE and how quickly you learnt with her. Don’t forget to breathe

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