New Year, New Adventures

What better way to start the new year than by trying new things: sailing on our beautiful Anui, and experimenting with a short video! It is a bit amateurish, but we will refine the filming and editing with practice…  We have uploaded the video to our YouTube channel. It is all new to us, but we will work things out. Click on the sails to go to the video!


Huge nets at the bows

Happy 2019 to all. We hope you all have as much fun as we are having.

New Year --1648

18 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventures

  1. Love the New ee – what a start to 2019!…makes me think its almost time for a new surfboard – and you’ll be able to fit me & board on board!

    • You should have seen us coming back around Cape Moreton… two reefs in the main, still doing 12 knots… “How do we slow the sucker down” said Wadie! The boat handled it, but we were a wee bit tense!

  2. Nice little clip Chris!! Well done.
    Many happy adventure wishes for 2019. We had a river party last night with a small group and watched the distant fireworks in Port.

  3. And a very Happy New Year 2019 to you both Lots of love and call at any time. From us both Pam

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