Off to the Reef!

At long last, purgatory is over! The watermaker repairs will hopefully be completed today, our friend Phil arrives tonight and the weather gods are kind to us for the first couple of days. We will leave Burnett Heads tomorrow bright and early, bound for the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

We ended up with four things wrong with the water maker. A crack through the end piece of one pressure vessel was not all our troubles. There was also the lift pump which no longer sucked sea water up, the choke valve which was stuck, probably as a result of the build up of gunk, the pressure gauge which was also stuck for the same reason. We have purchased and installed all new bits… fingers crossed it will now work and we can use fresh water with abandon! A big thank you to Ray at R&B Marine who guided Wade through a process of deconstruction, elimination and reconstruction. One thing is certain, we now know this system well!

We have Phil on board for 12 days and in that time our objective is to reef hop all the way to the Keppel Isles and end up at the Keppel Bay Marina to drop our friend off for his flight home to Brisbane and the UK. On the program: plenty of fast sailing, beautiful snorkeling at reefs and lagoons of the Capricorn and Bunker Groups if the weather allows, a bit of indulging in good food and wine, and generally filling our days with the best of what life afloat can offer. After the weeks of hassles we have endured, it will be bliss.

We will probably be out of internet service for that time, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from us for a while. We intend to publish a few posts about what we have been up to when we are back in range.

12 thoughts on “Off to the Reef!

  1. Freedom at last! Enjoy the reefs and your time with Phil. Hopefully all repairs are behind you for a while. Sail well and fast

    • We are itching to go for a snorkel at Lady Musgrave and hopefully a few other spots we have not been to. The weather forecast is not ideal but we will see. You will be glad to hear we now have a boarding ladder for the dinghy. No more whale beaching behaviour!

      • You have to go along the wall again, that was fabulous. I am also pleased about the ladder, I am such a weakling.⛵️👌😀

  2. Happy getting away. Hope the weather is as lovely as when we were there and a good time is had by all. Will be thinking of you as we have our chillier starts to the days.

    • Thanks Ann. We probably won’t have the idyllic weather we’d love but the main thing is that we are getting away. We can tell winter is coming here too with cool nights and chilly mornings, but nothing quite like Victorian weather… Just pleasant to be in!

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