Sailing with Phil

What do you do when your reef hopping plan does not work out? Enjoy what you can: zooming around in the dinghy between the sandbanks at 1770, cleaning the hulls, enjoying a few pub meals ashore, doing some sightseeing at Pancake Creek, all the time keeping an eye on the weather forecasts in the vague hope we might be able to sail to the reef.

Scrubbing the hulls!
Job done!
Sandbanks at Pancake Creek
Bustead Head Lighthouse
Jenny Lind Creek
Entrance to Jenny Lind Creek

Great Sails

We must say that despite not being able to reef hop, we have enjoyed some lively passages. Phil hogged the wheel and had a ball getting to know Anui. He is impressed, we are all having fun sailing, and Wade and I are relishing these days when our boat shines after giving us a lot of teething problems. As one of our sailing friends says: Let the good times roll!

Zooming along with 20 knot SE on our tail
Rooster tail at the back!

A glimpse of a coral cay

Even though we would not normally venture towards the reef in persistent 20 to 25 knot winds and lumpy conditions, we could feel Phil’s disappointment and decided to sail to Masthead Island anyway, the closest coral cay to Pancake Creek, about 30 miles away. We figured we might be able to lob onto the public mooring recently installed there, so we would be safe and if it was untenable once we got there, we could turn tail and head to the Keppels.

We enjoyed a great sail and although the ocean was quite rough, Anui handled beautifully. There were some sunny breaks as we arrived. Phil can now say he has sailed to the Great Barrier Reef. We picked up the public mooring and stayed for the night. Phil got to walk on a coral cay, see the graduations of colours so typical of the reef, spot a few turtles, see rays leaping out of the water, shovelnose sharks in the shallows and beautiful noddies flying around us like a welcoming committee.

Masthead Island
Trying to capture the noddies as we near the island! – Thanks Phil!
Beautiful white-capped Noddy
Walk along the coral cay
It is not often we get a photo of us… Thanks Phil!
Wade Ready to go back to Anui!
Phil caught this amazing Harlequin Tuskfish – we threw it back in the water!

We fished, Phil caught four bream for dinner. We would have loved to snorkel, but the ocean was too agitated for that. It blew all night and we rocked and rolled in the chop. We were safe, just uncomfortable. And Anui did not stop creaking! All the internal panels moved and groaned… we did not get much sleep!

Back at the Keppels

So it goes without saying that we were not enamoured with the prospect of spending another one of those nights at a different coral cay! We instead sailed to the Keppel Isles on Wednesday, and what a good sail that was, peaking at 14.9 with just the jib as we surfed a few waves. We went straight to our favourite spot at Monkey Bay, had a brief snorkel, but the visibility was poor. So no underwater photos to show.

Anui at Monkey Bay – too blowy for good underwater shots!

We will hopefully be able to show Phil a few of the beautiful anchorages around the group before he flies home. But the weather forecast is for more of the same conditions for days, the effect of the cyclone further north, so we doubt that the snorkeling will be any good.

12 thoughts on “Sailing with Phil

  1. Wonderful photos as always! That fish is so colourful, wow! I would feel a bit uneasy in waves that size but obviously Anui handles the chop well. That’s a lot of hair on the bottom!

    • Hi John – yes the tusk fish is a very colourful type of wrasse… The ocean was choppy with two lines of swell often colliding but Anui is a big boat and surprisingly stable in these conditions. The hairy bottom, the result of not moving much for months, is now cleaner. We had to wait for clear waters to give the hulls a wipe down … murky water and sharks being a worry before that!

  2. On the move at last and having a wonderful time. Phil will just have to come back to see the reef, maybe a bit later in the season. Your letter has arrived. S. ⛵️

  3. You’re back to navigating and having fun! Lovely shot of the White-capped Noddy. Enjoy and be happy! 🙂

  4. Anui and the new dinghy have added “zooming” to your vocabulary. That’s got to be a good thing.

  5. Hello I think you are wonderful…… Bit rough for me…….wonderful photos….Thanks for sharing. Is Phil- Philip Starkey…..Just enquiring…. Lots of Love to you both and Thankyou for keeping in touch. Anui was a good buy … last…..isn’t that great. From us both Pam

  6. Thank you for the most wonderful time on SV Anui. What a stunning boat and of course your great company. Nothing but praise and she sails so beautifully.
    Looking forward to next time.

    • We loved having you on board and you being our first guest was special. We are glad you liked sailing Anui and ‘approve’ of our choice! We look forward to welcoming you again … for a longer stay. Chris, Wade and Bengie!

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