Hiding in Pancake Creek

Pancake Creek

Anchored in Pancake Creek

What do you do at an anchorage called “Pancake Creek“?  Have pancakes of course, especially since it’s Didier’s 60th birthday!

We arrived at Pancake Creek back on the Capricornia Coast last Monday night after a rollicking sail from Lady Musgrave. We had to leave the reef to shelter from strong SE winds.

Pancake Creek is a small river just around from Bustard Head and South of Gladstone.  We stayed there for three nights, initially with only two or three other yachts, but then we were invaded by a flotilla of cruisers of various sizes.  We counted 19 boats in the anchorage.  Despite the crowds in the water, we enjoyed this place immensely, walking each day and discovering diverse, interesting and even breathtaking scenery.

From the sand flats with armies of soldier crabs, to mangroves with amazing aerial roots, to pink granite boulders with green lava flow channels, to the lighthouse and its sweeping ocean vistas, and the panoramic views over meandering Jenny Lind Creek, it was a feast for the eyes.

Here is a gallery of some of the images we took over our two days of wandering ashore.  We left Pancake Creek for the reef on Thursday morning, 30/7/15, and will be out of internet coverage for a few days while bound for Masthead Island.

17 thoughts on “Hiding in Pancake Creek

  1. Glad you had such a great 60th Didier. Have a wonderful 61st year. Great spot to eat pancakes, yum. Love the lighthouse and views. Even Bengie thought it a good spot.

    • We are, but the posts are a few days late! It’s too hard to keep up with photos, posts and intermittent internet coverage to do them instantly’

  2. I bet you will never forget where you had your 60th birthday, . I bet the same about this holiday. Happy memories to you both, cheers Terry

  3. Beautiful shots, Chris. I can’t help but be entranced by the photo of Bengie and the landscape shots are amazingly inviting–the lighthouse image is perfect. Once again I am amazed at the variety of your stunning images–from the tiny details of the grasshopper to the wide sweeping shot of the crowded anchorage.

    • Thank you Mike for your very kind comments. You can’t help but take lots of photos when you are surrounded with such varied and beautiful scenery. Wade will tell you, any walk takes for ever as 3 photographers stop and marvel at what they see! He is a very patient man! 🙂

  4. Hello Chris Wade Didier & Vero! Many Happy Returns on your 60th Didier! We are very happy the trip is going so well & you are all enjoying such a wonderful time! We love following your travels en route north… thanks so much for sharing the magnificent photos & all the little details…which are very interesting! It all looks so beautiful, the underwater shots were amazing…bringing back memories of our trip to the Whitsundays and the thrill of seeing coral for the first time! Love the shot of Ocean Beach & Jenny Lind creek through the rushes..awesome! Mike is back home now with renewed energy & enthusiasm for boat building!! …..has been out there at 6 in the morning!!…and its FREEZING down here!! To say he loved the trip up is an understatement!! & I have enjoyed very much hearing all about it on his return! Safe travels! Mike & Jan

    • Hello Mike & Jan, it is so nice to hear from you. We are having a great time. It’s funny we were talking about you and wondering whether Mike would get the urge to work on the boat! We are enjoying this cruising life so much that we’d love to give up work earlier, but two years will fly anyway! The weather is so gorgeous here, you’d never know it’s winter, except for the short days. It will be a shock to the system on Sunday night when we fly home! Take care 🙂

  5. Chris, these are such gorgeous photos of such a wonderful place. Sounds like you really enjoyed it.
    Happy and safe travels x

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