Underwater Treasures

Snorkeling at Lady MusgraveThe delights of coral cays are… you guessed it, reef viewing, colourful corals, tropical fish and all this in warm waters in the middle of winter for us.  Lady Musgrave really has it all: excellent coral pools, a beautiful turquoise lagoon, and an island full of gorgeous birds.

It is always a wonderful experience to snorkel effortlessly and be surrounded by an abundance of attractive sea life.  But in this instance, we are introducing Véro and Didier to it, who have never snorkelled, never been in tropical waters, never seen corals and tropical fish other than in aquariums, and this really intensifies the experience.  We all look at all these underwater treasures with child like eyes, but for them especially, it is one hell of a discovery.

Snorkeling at Lady MusgraveYou forget how daunting it is the first time you breathe through a snorkel and watch things through a mask!  You forget about the gagging reflex, the fear of not being able to breathe… But once Véro and Didier got the hang of it, there was no stopping them!  The coral and sea life at lady Musgrave were stunning.  Have you ever talked and screamed in delight through a snorkel?  Well, there was a lot of this going on!

Here is some of what we saw.  It goes without saying that Lady Musgrave won’t be the last coral cay we see on this trip, even though we have had to hide from the weather for a couple of days back at Pancake Creek, on the mainland.  We will be out on the reef again by the time this post is published, so out of internet coverage for a few days!

20 thoughts on “Underwater Treasures

  1. What a fantastic experience for you all but especially for Vero & Didier. Have fun enjoying one of the wonders of the world.

  2. HI FOLKS,you are all having the trip of a life time,great photos& stories. Now you know you are living in the wrong part of Aussie Land, time for a change????????????? enjoy while you can, cheers Terry

  3. Cela fait tout drôle de regarder les photos de corail … Nous sommes à l’aéroport à Paris. Le voyage n’est pas encore fini mais la beauté de ce que nous avons vu est bien réelle.

    • Ah cela nous fait tout drôle d’être seuls sur le bateau! Nous allons tous faire durer ce voyage pendant des semaines à travers nos écrits et nos photos!
      Nous plongeons une dernière fois ce matin là où nous avions fait cela avec vous mercredi. Puis nous retournons à la marina ce soir – le taxi nous prend dimanche matin!

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