Stunning Lady Musgrave

Aerial view of Lady Musgrave and its lagoon.  We are anchored in the turquoise part to the right, close to the island.

Aerial view of Lady Musgrave and its lagoon. We are anchored in the turquoise part to the right, close to the island.

We are continuing our exploration of coral cays in the Southern part of the Great Barrier Reef.  From Lady Elliott, we motor-sailed to Lady Musgrave.  This cay sits on the rim of a navigable lagoon.  You get that same view of a strip of land as you approach, but this time the reef extends for about 5 miles to one side.  It is very extensive.  The added feature is seeing a couple of masts from yachts inside the lagoon.

The passage to enter the lagoon is narrow, but well marked and brown boobies watch us come in from their perch on the green and red markers.

Take It Easy anchored at Lady Musgrave

Take It Easy anchored at Lady Musgrave

All you can say as you enter the lagoon is a resounding wow!  On a sunny day, the turquoise of the lagoon is stunning.  It is such an other worldly experience to find this heaven in the middle of the ocean.  We meander through the bommies and go and anchor close to the island and right next to the marine park boundary markers – closer to the reef and the best snorkelling…  The water is so clear we can see the bottom, a few rocks covered with corals, fishes and a turtle.  There is a huge groper looking at us with its mouth wide open!  Three other yachts are anchored nearby, but there is plenty of distance between us.  It is glorious.

We are here for a few days, in sunny, totally calm conditions.  Kayaks and snorkelling gear come out… both experiences another first for our family, as if coming to such a paradise was not adventurous enough!  The bird life is amazing.  We see birds we have never seen before, like the boobies, the reef egrets and the rails.  The water is a warm 22º7C.  We are in and out of it all day.

Here are a few images of our arrival and first impressions, to give you an idea of our surroundings.  In the next post we will take you underwater.

18 thoughts on “Stunning Lady Musgrave

  1. Very Cool! I remember camping on Lady Musgrave for a week on a scuba diving adventure in the late 80s (we had to bring in our own water). The beach Wade was walking on looked a lot like the one we camped on. Brings back great memories. What an amazing place it is. Enjoy!

    • Hi Craig – very beautiful place indeed – and yes only one small coral cay covered with pisonia trees . We are going back to the reef after a few days hiding from the weather back on the mainland – headed for Masthead Island!

  2. With so many good things going on you don’t have time to go crabbing, that will come later? Terrific shots of the islands,carry on,not too much sun ,Terry

    • Not catching a lot of anything, but having fun! Having a rollicking sail back to the reef right now… nearly out of internet coverage. We are headed for Masthead Island.

    • Really please you are enjoying the trip with us, Robin. It’s always nice to get feedback. There is so much to see and photograph here that it is nice to share.

  3. Nice to see you on the water leaving Yellow Patch on Sunday, it’s always been one of our favorite places!
    We were on the Easy 11m Forever Dreamin, and called you on the radio.

    • It is stunning especially at low tide. We are spending a few days around the Keppels – nice corals and SO MANY fish! You are lucky to have this area at your doorstep! Take cate – Chris and Wade

  4. Surely you prefer the cold dark waters of Bass Strait to this ugly myriad of colours and ghastly warm sea??? I am not jealous at all. 🙂

  5. So very glad you are slowing down and hopefully just going where the weather and the mood takes you if anywhere at all 😀 We are incredibly blessed in QLD to have such an amazing playground. Having been in FNQ for the last 18 years the water temperature you quote makes me shiver with cold – I would need a dry suit to get me in at 22.7 😂 enjoy every moment of your special time 😊

    • Thanks Michelle, looks like you are commenting in July 2018 on a post published a few years back! But yes, looking forward to floating around without rushing!

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