Southern Whitsundays Series – Thomas

Described as remote, Thomas Island does not feel that way, probably because you are surrounded by imposing islands nearby which are part of the Lindeman’s Group and thus you don’t feel isolated.

We sailed from Goldsmith to Thomas on 4 June, a short passage which started as a painfully slow sail and ended up as a motor – the calm before the big blow! At least we charged up the batteries and our water tanks are full, having used the water maker in the morning… Warm showers are such a treat!

Yet again we enjoyed this spot on our lonesome in the main, anchored at “Naked Lady Beach”. It might have been due to the fact the guidebook describes this anchorage as rolly, particularly in strong southeast winds. But we did not find it so. Maybe it is because Anui is a big cat, it does not dance around as much and sits in the water comfortably. In any case we were bang in the middle of the cove, close to shore and well protected.

Anchoring at Naked Lady Beach
Dinghy trip to the beach

The scenery at and around Thomas Island is breathtaking with the nearby islands silhouetted in the distance. Even in the howling wind, it has a peaceful feel.

As usual, we try to take Bengie ashore for her daily beach walk and scratch on the dead hoop pine trunk. She seems to like these morning strolls and is becoming quite adept at riding the big dinghy.

This fallen hoop pine is her favourite scratching post!
Getting ready to hop off!

There are three little sandy beaches as well as the main one we were anchored in front of. We love beach combing. Being collectors of cowry shells, we were in heaven, finding larger shells as well as the usual small ones. Our glass jar is full. We’ll have to get another one!

Although we enjoyed the solitude, one aspect that is frustrating about cruising these islands is that we are starved of internet coverage. Once a day we manage to hoist our wireless hub up the mast to download emails, post our updates and get forecasts, but we badly need to get a mobile signal booster so we can keep in contact with friends and family which has been just about impossible. This is likely to be a future purchase.

With blustery 30+knots SE, and being well dug in where we were, we ended up staying at Thomas Island for five nights. Better the devil you know! We tackled the next hop to Shaw Island on 9 June.

Young Tom’s Island in the foreground, Shaw Island in the distance

15 thoughts on “Southern Whitsundays Series – Thomas

  1. Oh look at those colours! We have only been to Thomas once in Sengo – loved it – most of the charter boat companies don’t allow charterers to come this far south so you are less likely to get tourists here and more likely to get fellow cruisers. Make sure you do the walk from across Shaw Island to the side that overlooks Thomas……

  2. I’m (pleasantly) I surprised by the absence of fellow cruisers. I would have thought this was prime time for those making their pilgrimage north? A bit blowy perhaps?

    • We think it’s a mixture of reasons : strong winds, people seem to flock to the main Whitsunday islands or head further north rather than dawdle. Regardless we are enjoying the solitude.

  3. I guess you were a naked lady Chris, what fun!! Great photos of Bengie. Wow, I love the shell collection. Continue with the fun times

    • You bet! That’s the best thing about having anchorages to yourself in the tropics! The shell collection is even bigger now. We have had to be drastic with the sorting!

    • Thanks Mike, with the unsettled weather we get cloudy skies and the chain of islands is so stunning… lots of opportunities for panoramic photos and sunsets!

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