New Guest, New Fish!

We thought we would get away north as soon as our friend Sue arrived, but the boat gremlins got in the way: the pressure arm on the anchor winch snapped and we have ordered a replacement. And we are also waiting for engine oil and filters for the next round of engine servicing. But never mind, we can enjoy the Whitsundays for a few more days and maybe even sneak a trip up to the Reef. The anchor winch still works, we just have to be careful.

Evening at anchor at Pioneer Bay, Airlie Beach

So on the program for the past few days were sailing lessons for Sue so she gets used to Anui, snorkels at the Southern end of Stonehaven and at Blue Pearl Bay, in between feasting and relaxing on board.

Sue taking us to Blue Pearl Bay
Sue back into snorkeling and loving it!

Our time at Blue Pearl Bay was particularly fun, with quite a number of new fish sightings, which is always exciting. Parrotfish have such amazing intricate patterns, and the inquisitive Tuskfish made us laugh. That one in the gallery needs a bit of dental work! As usual click on the first image to display the gallery in full screen slide show.

There are plenty of vacant public moorings since amazingly the Whitsundays are less crowded than we have ever seen them – don’t know why but we certainly are not complaining! We are not sure when we will move on, but as usual we are having fun wherever we are.

13 thoughts on “New Guest, New Fish!

  1. Fantastic! I wish I could have as much fun as you do! Just keep shooting more pictures so we can dream a bit. 🙂

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