Published about Buying a Cat

The Australian Multihull World magazine has published our article “The Business of Buying a Catamaran” in their May/June edition. Having gone through this exercise ourselves for the fourth time, we have drawn a few conclusions which we share with yachting enthusiasts.

Although the story is written for multihull fans, our reflections apply equally to monohull sailors. To read the story, click here or go to our Published Page, Practical Section.

2 thoughts on “Published about Buying a Cat

  1. Hey Guys, great article well balanced and very informative.
    Hope you’re having a great time on Anui and you’re on top of the repairs (for now).
    Happy sails.

    • Thanks Brad and Natalie, nice to get your feedback. Things have improved a lot in the last month… no major hassles just normal bits of maintenance and lots of fun at last. What’s happening with you?

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