Dawdling towards Townsville

There is something about cruising through areas you have never been to before… it awakens your sense of adventure, rekindles the child in you when everything you see is a new experience.

We are bound for Magnetic Island and Townsville. We could have done this in a couple of long passages, but why rush? We have no schedule and enjoy the leisurely pace. Over the past few days we have made small hops… from Stonehaven anchorage in the Whitsundays to Little Jonah Beach, then through the Gloucester Passage to Bona Bay on Gloucester Island, then a longer sail to Cape Upstart, Cape Bowling Green and Magnetic Island.

The Dawdle to Magnetic Island and Townsville
Gloucester Passage
Gloucester Passage
Nearly through the Gloucester Passage
Anui at Bona Bay
Anui at Bona Bay
Upstart Bay
Upstart Bay

The area is scenic with rugged ranges right down to aqua waters, there are attractive sandy beaches which means Bengie has resumed her dinghy rides and morning walks and so have we.

Bengie ashore – She loves logs to scratch on!
Upstart Bay

It is sunny and pleasantly warm during the day, cool at night for comfortable sleeping… typical tropical winter cruising. We are sailing every day, alternating between the screecher and the spinnaker with the light downwind conditions. Some days we go for just a couple of hours, others it is a day-long sail.  Sue is clocking up a few hours at the wheel, getting used to the beast and doing less and less meanders! It takes a while to get a feel for the boat and it is hard to concentrate for very long, but she is doing well, nearly as well as George, the autopilot.

Bluey is on the job
Screecher to Cape Upstart
Screecher and jib goose-winged to Cape Bowling Green
Steering lesson for Sue
Sunset over Cape Bowling Green
Sunset over Cape Bowling Green
Brown Boobie

Today as we post this, we are sailing to Magnetic Island. We will explore here for a few days, top up supplies in Townsville then continue going north. But we will tell you about this in a next post. As for Sue, she is keen to stay on board till Cairns, so we may have her with us for a while longer.

16 thoughts on “Dawdling towards Townsville

  1. OM Gosh guys, this crop of photos is incredible! So gorgeous. Your sails have wonderful colours too, the boat always impresses me! Safe travels. 👍🏻😎🌴

    • Glad you like them John, we took so many along the way it was hard to choose and we probably posted too many! But when you go through new territory that’s what happens 😍

  2. Great photo gallery, Chris. Can’t wait to know what Magnetic Island looks like. 🙂

    • Hi Trish – Just had a walk from Horseshoe Bay where hoards are anchored to Balding Bay. Will walk some more tomorrow as we feel we have not exercised anywhere near enough lately and our backs are complaining!

      It is a bit of a shock to the system to turn up in Horseshoe Bay where 30+ yachts are anchored… you know what we are like! But it is scenic and we intend to go ashore for fish and chips since our trolling attempts have yet again failed!

      • Unfortunately Horseshoe Bay is the ‘winter home’ for quite a few cruisers – although Andrew has read the jet ski people are trying to ban yachts because it upsets their path around the bay! The tavern used to have a $15 parma night once per week as well – including a drink – but that was 3 years ago so I don’t know if they still have the same deal. Enjoy. Don’t forget to check out the gun emplacements…. fascinating history on that island.

      • The Tavern has barra on the menu. That’s our first choice, otherwise fish & chips – the cheaper version!
        The Gun emplacements are tomorrow’s walk!

  3. Enjoy the thrill of new territory. “Bluey” would have some pulling power in a breeze & nice that you can tack it to the windward bow to get a better set running downhill.

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