Action Stations

When you are stuck in one place, it is an opportunity to attend to projects you might have otherwise put off.

After living on Anui for 14 months, the two biggest sources of frustration on board are our lack of physical exercise and the lounge suite. We decided it is time to tackle both! Quite different issues, so let us explain.


Most people think that you get a lot of physical exercise on board, and when you look like runts like us, you can pass for being super fit. But in actual fact we are not; we don’t get anywhere near enough exercise. Catamarans are stable platforms and you exert little effort to brace yourself when you are sailing… and we haven’t sailed for three months! Plus since leaving the Reef we haven’t swam, snorkeled, or paddled on the kayaks… We have been sedentary since November and fear we might turn into blobs if we don’t take action. It is particularly necessary when you are stuck in one spot, stressed, not sleeping too well and with health conditions that get worse if you are not physically active. So we have made a start on the serious exercise front. Our morning routine in the cockpit features some yoga and a variety of exercises supported by the Asana Rebel App to make sure it happens and we also walk for a few miles each day. We are hoping that by the time we leave Melbourne, the new habit will have been embedded and we will be on our way to looking trim, taut and terrific!


Since our intention is to live aboard for the long term, we have taken the approach of updating gear early to enjoy the benefits rather than what many people do, which is to spruce up their boat when they are about to put it out for sale! So just like we did with our NKE instrumentation update, we are biting the bullet with furnishings.

On the lounge suite front, we have never been enamoured with the existing fabric for the couch: it is itchy especially in the heat, it pills a lot and is not wearing very well. And we are not that keen on the colour either – beige, who wants to be beige and nondescript? The reupholstering of the lounge suite had been on the radar for a while and given we are here for weeks, we might as well use the time to get it done!

The old upholstery

Complete Reupholstery have picked up the lounge suite, are re-covering it with our favourite Warwick Macrosoft fabric and will have the job done in four weeks. So although Anui’s saloon now looks rather average with camping chairs to sit on and sarongs to hide all the electrics and pipes, by the time Wade is a bit less radio-active we will have a soft, light blue lounge suite back! For those who remember Take It Easy’s couch, it is the same fabric but in a lighter blue.

Couch taken away. We are now camping!

Medical Update

The process has started for Wade’s treatment: Prostate mapping done, radio-active seeds ordered. Here is a funny ‘Wade quote’ about going in for the ultrasound: “I normally expect a kiss on the lips before I let anybody touch me there!” No kissing from the doctors but plenty of probing! The great thing is that the radiotherapy is scheduled for the 10th of March which is sooner that we were first told. We are grateful the medicos understand our situation and are moving quickly. There is nothing much for us to do but be patient and wait now… and we so love doing that!

Back in France, Papa’s condition has settled enough for him to be discharged from hospital, but not enough to be able to move back to the ‘assisted living’ apartment he was in. He has now been transferred to a high dependency care facility. It is tough for him, but we have little choice in the matter and knew all along it would be the path. We had hoped it would not happen quite as fast. We will see how he copes and how the disease progresses.

Thanks for all your kind messages here and privately. It helps to know friends and followers care. In tough times talking, writing, sharing our predicament helps, and your supportive words are appreciated.

16 thoughts on “Action Stations

  1. Thank you for sharing your “highs” and “lows” with us. Whilst the notion of being “inspirational” sounds too much it is pleasing to read and feel your positive approach to life. Having recently retired myself and contemplating a boating life I take away your stories as somewhat of a guide to life. So the boating life is on hold for a little longer as my wife and I prepare ourselves to walk the Camino. I hope to read more as you share your journey along the way and I guess I will have a lot of time to contemplate…

    • Hi Richard, thank you for the kind feedback. We have always believed in talking about the good and not so good of our life aboard. Some people can have a romantic view of boating or only share the idyllic side. But as you know it is not like that in reality.
      Enjoy the Camino… are you walking sections or the whole thing?

      • My wife is something of an over achiever! She competed in the Kona Ironman race in 2019 at the age of 60 and finished in 15hrs. So yes we are up for the 800k. Although I keep hearing about the extra 100k to the coast!

  2. We sooo understand the waiting around with no exercise and the degradation that does to your body. We got a 13 kilometre walk in two days ago – but it was only the suburbs, nothing interesting. I am jealous of the yoga routine – something I planned to do when we got on board and have so far not touched. Positive thoughts and much love to you both. Trish

    • Hi Trish – the word degradation is spot on… in body and mind. Having the App helps to give variety and keep you accountable, so worth considering. It has not only exercises but also meditation, sleeping and dietary routines. Well worth it.

  3. Lovely photos! Such a good idea to change out the upholstery now. Virtual hugs for you guys, I’m sure Wade is in very good hands for his procedure. 😎

  4. Thanks for all of the updates, Chris. It is great to hear that you are taking advantage of this extended time in port to work on so many different projects, including yourselves. I could use some of that motivation to take better care of myself with eating and exercise. “Trim, taught, and terrific” sound like great goals. As for the medical situations, it sounds like things have stabilized a bit. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you deal with these situations. I had forgotten how much wood you had in the lounge suite. Even with the beach chairs, it looks awesome. Take care.

    • Hello Mike – you need the work on the old body to feel better and cope with the rough times!
      The cedar panelling on Anui is everywhere. We love it. Can’t wait to get our couch back though for not only the better look and feel, but the comfort of lounging around!

  5. Good to read about your exercise. Keep it up, it is so hard to engrain the habits. Thinking of you Wade as you become hotter than ever

  6. We can relate to your feeling slothlike , stuck in the marina. We’d been 6 months in Scotland before we realised that our clothes hadn’t in fact shrunk and you shouldn’t start breathing hard just walking up a flight of stairs! We are now gyming and swimming and waiting patiently for summer so we can get into the hills and highlands for a few walks. I’m still laughing about when Claire came home from her gym after having a hi-tech machine assess her body condition and fitness. The machine said she was 40% fat! Complete bollocks, but no doubt, that’s how they suck you in for extended subscriptions …
    All blessings Wade & Chris as you ‘wait it out’!

    • Definitely don’t remember Claire as a ‘Fatty boomba’ as Wade calls Bengie when she guzzles too much cat food! We just want more fitness and energy and less flab. I keep telling myself at 62 I can’t expect to have a 20 years old body, but I don’t want to feel like my age either!

      • Funny, Wade uses that word, we bandy about with the ‘Fatty Boombah’ phrase quite often and we don’t have a cat!
        Alas, we have entered the succeptible 60’s and all the ailments and further decrepitude to look forward to …. but there is hope for some. I have a codger mate, exactly your age, who managed to overcome his ailments and just cycled from Qld to Vic through the flat country of NSW, with a tent and just the basics! Just like your adventuring, I take my hat off to him …

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