Battened down tight!

Cyclone Seth

The weather has conspired to hold us here longer with Cyclone Seth raging. But we were safe at Marina Mirage … going deaf from the incessant helicopter flights overhead and the squeaking from the surge in 40 knot winds, but you can’t have everything!

We were able to get ashore and catch some spectacular shots of the big surf, particularly at high tide when the beach disappeared totally. We will let the ocean tell the story:

Waiting to go south!

The seas and swell are slowly abating. We are eagerly waiting for the wind to blow in the right direction and the unpleasant short chop to ease to escape from Queensland. It looks like departure will happen this weekend.

Calmer at low tide

Being so late in getting underway means we are now pushing to get south! People ask us why we don’t leave Anui somewhere and just fly to Melbourne. The trouble is Anui is our home, so we don’t want to be separated from her with the tidal wave of COvid infections, changeable quarantine and interstate travel rules, plus we have our pussycat Bengie on board, too. Originally this trip to Melbourne was a good excuse to avoid another summer in Queensland… it gave us something to do for a few months! But now with the cyclone, the mishaps, the delays and the exponential rise of the pandemic here, what should have been a leisurely trip is turning into a marathon to get down, sorted and back north!

We are breaking our own rules and intending to do a series of overnighters while the northerlies blow. It promises to be a hard trip. We are likely to get stuck with a southerly change somewhere along the way! We have provisioned the boat so as to minimise trips ashore too. Anui is our safe haven in these days of high infection risk!

Our first passage is a 220 nm sail straight to Port Macquarie. We are picking up our friend Waz who will be crewing with us towards Melbourne. We suspect Lisa will stay home with the doggies!

Likely hops after that include Port Stephens, Port Hacking, Broulee Bay, Eden and Wilson’s Promontory.

If it looks like we can’t make it to Melbourne by the end of the month, plan B is to get to Victoria into the Gippsland Lakes and from there, Chris will abandon ship add hire a car, to get to her much needed specialists’ appointments… Can’t afford to miss these: too hard to get and she is in need of some good drugs! Her back and hands are in a sad state and she is not in a good place.

Stay tuned for a few good passage photos in the next posts!

25 thoughts on “Battened down tight!

  1. Sail safe, and keep safe. I get the whole safe place, that is our home right now. This whole covid thing is turning out to be a massive stuff up. One wonders if it could get any worse, well yeah it can. Take care guys.

  2. The waves are so beautiful yet so dangerous! Be very careful when you guys leave port, and stay safe from the nasty virus. 🙏🏻🇦🇺

    • Feeling both excited and anxious to get away, John. As for the virus, we are trying hard to keep our distance but it is getting challenging to avoid it!

  3. The things you do for good drugs! 🙂 Good luck. At least when you get south you wont have the humidity (hopefully). We made Melbourne from the Seaway in 11 days a few years ago and that included four days stuck in Eden for some horrible storms (and a stopover in Port Stevens of some hours)..It was a wild ride. Please travel safely. Xxx Trish

  4. Very wild and woolly, good shots. I hope the trip south goes well and there are not too many weather issues. I hope to see you at Port Hacking, that would be nice. Go well my friends

  5. Will keep an eye out for you in Port ( Macquarie) but too rough for us to get out on the river this morning in our double scull. ( constant NE). Great photos as ever and have been following your posts , but not always commenting. Covid is definitely rampant here and further south and starting to have a significant effect on the health system. Try to stay safe.

    • Have been thinking of you. Won’t have time for a catch up on the way south, but will try on the way back up. We are trying very hard to avoid crowds and visitors, as we really need to get down to Melbourne for medical help without further hassles. Appreciate your comment.

  6. Fantastic photography – am just scrolling back-and forth admittedly glad to be sitting in my library chair !! Best for this year in every way and may you get out onto the ocean with a sharp turn right as planned ! Hmm . . . I may know next to nothing about sailing but I do know a fair amount of meteorology and, quite frankly, here’s hoping !!!

    • Sunday is the day we escape, Eha. Turning right at the Seaway and again after Eden! Here is to hoping we get down without hassles and stay clear of the plague!

  7. There is something beautiful and majestic about those wild oceans, a bit like the power of giant cu nims but you guys wouldn’t want to be caught in either! Hope those northerlies are kind to you and you make that much needed medical appointment Chris ….. arrggh, Captn Wade will see you right! (to be pronounced in a piratee way)
    BTW, say g’day to Waz and Lisa, we still fondly remember Waz’s delicious sushi ….

    • Hi Elgar – love the power of those waves… at a distance! Will remind Waz & Lisa of that night in Coffs! We are hoping Waz catches us a tuna on the way. He will be with us from Port Macq to Eden!

  8. Hi Wade and Chris.
    I could do a drive down to pick you up at Lakes to save renting a car if you like.
    Craig B’s car is sitting idle in our drive – I just had to brush off all the cobwebs.
    Your welcome to stay with us for awhile if you wish – although you have to put up with a very young Guide Dog pup named Vashti.

  9. Wow! Those images of the waves are amazing–a potent combination of power and beauty. Best wishes for a safe trip as you dodge all kinds of obstacles on the way.

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