The warm glow of Yellow Patch

After Masthead Island, we decide coral cays without a lagoon are not the most comfortable anchorages and that instead of visiting another cay, we should head back to the mainland, to renowned Yellow Patch, on the Tropic of Capricorn.  It is 1/8/15 when we get there, having enjoyed a rollicking sail under Big Red, our spinnaker. 

Yellow Patch

Stunning colours at Yellow Patch

Only accessible at mid to high tide because of drying sand flats, Yellow Patch is a stunning anchorage at the bottom of an ochre coloured sand dune.  The orange sand wall, the panoramic views from the top of the dune, the extensive mudflats at low tide, the surrounding hills and shimmering water make this place an absolute jewel along the Capricornia Coast.

We have a day of exploring and stay there overnight, happily locked in by the tide at this iconic spot, in totally calm conditions.

Here is a gallery of our favourite photos.


8 thoughts on “The warm glow of Yellow Patch

  1. I have not heard of Yellow Patch, but I am sure glad you found it. What a beautiful spot to explore, and such a safe area,GOOD ON YUH

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