Butterfly Bay to Wreck Beach

Butterfly Bay

Turquoise water of Butterfly Bay

The second area we are visiting at Great Keppel Island is situated on the Northern side of the isle, at Butterfly Bay.  And you guess it, it is deserted, just as we like it, unlike the more frequented beaches on the Western side.  It is not for lack of interesting things to do there though. Butterfly Bay is a broad half moon beach offering good fishing, snorkelling at low tide, and reef walking armed with oyster knives offers a tasty feed when you manage to pry the shells open.  There are sand dunes to climb, fossicking to be done.  We see the less attractive side of beach visitors: an abandoned camp where people left their rubbish behind.  But finders keepers, Wade picks up two rather new frying pans, which once cleaned prove to be a good replacement for our old battered one on Take It Easy! The walk across to Wreck Beach, a 1 km crossing to the Eastern shore through the sand blow is hard work in the soft sand, even without the heat and humidity of summer, but the birdlife is amazing along the way. We see rainbow bee-eaters, and yellow-bellied sunbirds, such brilliant colours in these small flitting nectar-eating birds.

Rainbow bee-eater

Rainbow bee-eater

Wreck Bay when we saw it was a very tranquil, welcoming spot.   At one end of the huge beach we found rusty relics of a ship that met its demise, evidence of what can happen if you don’t keep a sharp lookout for reefs around these parts. Here is a selection of images taken during our wanderings there.

8 thoughts on “Butterfly Bay to Wreck Beach

    • Hi Sue – it was so varied and tourist free too! I just wish I had taken my big lens for the birds, but I get to do this on the next walk a few days later!

  1. Cela me fait tout drôle de lire ton descriptif de l’ une de nos dernières balades en étant à la maison… Ici il pleut et c’est un peu tristounet
    Les oiseaux sont vraiment magnifiques

    • Coucou petite soeur, c’est chouette que tu commentes! Si tu aimes ces oiseaux, tu apprécieras l’article de demain! Nous sommes retournés à Butterfly Bay aprés votre départ. Le dernier article sera publié lundi matin chez nous, dimanche soir chez vous . J’ai commencé à taper le journal et une fois cela fait je le traduirais en français. Beaucoup de boulot mais cette chouette de revivre cette aventure et choisir les photos!

  2. Keep your eyes and ears open and you will gain something every day I was told , and I found it was worth doing, I can see you have heard of it to, good hunting any where and everywhere, CHEERS MR T

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