October One Four Challenge – Week Two

We are in the second week of the October One Four Challenge, hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me.  I am continuing my journey through grief and its representation via image processing.

Week Two : Waves of Sorrow

Grief comes in waves.  They are huge, crashing waves, which swamp you and leave you gasping for air.  Sometimes you feel that surrendering to them would be easier than fighting to surface.  They come, then recede, their frequency and intensity changing with time.

October Week Two : Waves of Sorrrow

October Week Two : Waves of Sorrrow

Here is the process I used for this week’s interpretation:

  • Desaturated the original in Lightroom, so the image is entirely black and white
  • In Photoshop, created a duplicated layer
  • Applied a filter, and selected ‘Distort’ and ‘Twirl’
  • Added another duplicated layer and created a frame
  • Reduced the exposure in the outside frame
  • Added the text “Les vagues du chagrin – the waves of sorrow”, selecting the French Script font at 30% opacity
  • Added my watermark – arched in the curve of the tree branches.

Kind comments are welcome as always.

The progression from Week One is shown as a slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As indicated last week, most images on the photo processing project have a much lighter feel. So do take the opportunity to view other participants’ creative work by clicking on the One Four Challenge link.

16 thoughts on “October One Four Challenge – Week Two

    • I introduced the ‘wave’ imagery to Dad when I was there and he totally related to it. We often talk in terms of size, strength and frequency of the waves to describe where we are at.

  1. I am late commenting for Wk. 1 so am doing both weeks here: I’m sorry that you are dealing with Grief in your life now. At some point it happens to everyone and I think you are spot on with your representation here. Wk. 1 – Yes one can feel like life is spinning out of control when grief sets in. Great effect.
    Wk. 2 – Another stage in grief as well. Hoping you reach the stage where life is peaceful again like your original photo.

    Here is the link to my post:


  2. Such a visually apt interpretation Chris. Again thank you for sharing this process with us. Such a personal journey for each of us. Hugs ❤

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