Wilsons Promontory from the Sea

A friend of ours joined us for his first ever sailing trip from Port Albert to Wilsons Promontory, the southern most tip of mainland Australia.  We have known one another for many many years, however Trevor is the type who normally gets seasick just standing on a pier and avoids boats like the plague.


Refuge Cove Sailor

So why did he want to come with us on Take It Easy?  To see his beloved “Prom” from the ocean rather than via the well trodden inland paths.  Having him with us for four days for the trip there and back with no sea sickness and plenty of enjoyable moments each day was a significant achievement – for him and for us!

When you know an area like the back of your hand as he does, it is wonderful to realise there are still discoveries to be made, particularly when you approach this most spectacular wilderness from the ocean. The sheer size of the Promontory and its rugged peaks, the surrounding islands, the seals, the albatrosses, even the rare jellyfish species… gave Trevor an outlook on the Prom he had never experienced. We sailed, we explored, we enjoyed moody but dry weather, we swam, we bush-walked, we saw lots of wildlife, we ate well and part took in a few nice wines. This Labour Day long weekend proved yet again that sharing our sailing passion with friends is really special and even more so when they surprise themselves and don’t get seasick. Amazing what Kwells, dry biscuits, plenty of water and reasonably calm weather can do!

Here is a gallery of some of the highlights.  We are returning to the Prom and Bass Strait Islands for Easter with other friends.  So stay tuned!

17 thoughts on “Wilsons Promontory from the Sea

  1. It was a great time – and I was VERY pleased that I only had to resort to a Kwells on the last day.
    Thanks very much to Chris and Wade for the experience … loved it.

  2. ‘Lovely to see the waters around the Prom beautifully flat. I wish we’d had it that calm. It looks gorgeous and I am jealous. Cheers Trish sv Sengo

    • Yes it can be wild, but we picked the conditions… We don’t enjoy rough waters and don’t go when it’s ugly… especially in our home waters. Where are you now?

  3. What a great trip for a learner, you picked the right time & place. I bet he will looking for more times like that, a friend forever, good on yuh, cheers

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