Coral Gardens at Wistari Reef

Broccoli anyone? Cabbage leaves? A bunch of pink flowers? At low tide the coral gardens of Wistari Reef are like a vegie patch. Every reef we go to is unique and this is part of the appeal of exploring not only different reefs but also several locations on the one reef, especially one which is so vast as this one.

Fitzroy Reef -0660Fitzroy Reef -0664

Wistari & Heron

Aerial of Wistari Reef in the foreground and Heron Island Reef in the background

At low tide the Wistari Reef is very shallow indeed so you have to think thin as you hover over in 50 to 80cm of water, going from one pool to another, with sandy patches in between. Being at eye level, you get to see incredible detail and variety up close. There are lots of tiny iridescent pullers, damsels and elegant butterflyfish meandering around the soft and hard coral. Even at mid tide, there are coral pools out on the flats which are well worth swimming over.

So here we go. Enjoy our pick of the sights we enjoyed. We have selected a mix of soft and hard coral and beautiful fish. You will notice that yellow and iridescent blue are particularly attractive and vibrant underwater!

Our next hop along the Southern Great Barrier Reef is the Heron Reef, just a dinghy ride across from Wistari. We promise a very different post for that one!

10 thoughts on “Coral Gardens at Wistari Reef

  1. I can’t hardly believe the variety of plant life and fishes down there, it’s all so incredibly beautiful! ❤️

    • Yes Wistari is particularly special for this. And we are only showing a small fraction of the images we took! I think we’ll do some research and put a book together with lots of info and photos!

  2. It’s amazing how beautiful is the bottom of the reefs. You illustrate that with your great photos Chris. 🙂

    • Hi Ann, thanks for saying hello. Yes, this last week was a highlight with lots of colour, fish and variety. Let’s hope the reefs further north can recover.

    • Definitely Graham. The whole chain of reef in the Capricorn and Bunker Groups is stunning and each reef is different – whether it be the types of corals or the fish.

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