Wreck Dive at Heron Island

Just next to Wistari Reef, only a dinghy ride away is the Heron Island Reef. For a change of scenery we go for a snorkel on the rusty wreck of a gunboat in front of Heron Island called Protector. It was sunk there to act as a breakwater for the tiny harbour of the private resort. What a gift to snorkelers!

Heron Is -211182 (2).jpg

Heron Island and the wreck, with a stingray close by


The wreck of Protector

There is a large number of larger fish sheltering along the hull, including some sweetlips, snappers, a turtle, reef sharks and lots of cowtail rays which are a bit spooky when they come and investigate you: lots of back pedalling when they come close!

Further out, the reef is predominantly large extents of staghorn coral which provide shelter to a multitude of small fish. But good luck trying to get a clear shot of these especially since there is quite a bit of current and you are letting yourself drift with it!

Here is a selection of our underwater shots at the wreck. It was fun and novel.

We snorkel in the morning, then head off to our next hop along the reef, the beautiful Fitzroy Reef.

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