Fabulous Fitzroy Reef

The approach to Fitzroy Reef in totally calm weather is something to behold: deep ultramarine offshore, stunning aqua as we come in to the glasslike lagoon in the company of Bossa Nova. With the clouds reflected in the mirror of the lagoon, it hard to see where the water ends and the sky begins. It is breathtaking. At high tide the reef is totally covered and you would not know it is there.

Fitzroy Reef -0714Fitzroy Reef -0732Fitzroy Reef -0742



We like coming to Fitzroy Reef because you not only can dive but also fish, and you do so in relative seclusion. It is not as busy as Lady Musgrave probably since it is further away from the mainland and there is no coral cay. No tour boats here, just one or two yachts during the day and runabouts sheltering here at night after a day’s fishing activity.

Fitzroy Reef -0745

Bossa Nova follows us in to the lagoon


The snorkeling here is wonderful. The variety of corals is a feature: concentric plate-like shapes, blue and white staghorns, brain coral, cabbage-like leaves, lots of anemones and ferns, all this vibrant seascape reflected on the water surface. Moorish Idols, Butterflyfish of all kinds weave in and out of these and hide from nosy photographers. They are incredibly quick and nimble.



We have a bit of a routine when we get back on board after our reef explorations: extricate ourselves from the wetsuits, rinse the underwater cameras, grab a bite to eat, download the many photos we have taken and relive our dive. It is always exciting. Here is a selection of our favourite underwater shots.

The next and last stop along the Capricorn and Bunker Group before we get back to Bundaberg is Lady Musgrave.

22 thoughts on “Fabulous Fitzroy Reef

  1. Great pics of entering the Fitzroy Lagoon Chris. Really capture the stillness of our entry. A special memory! Bossa Nova

    • Thanks Amanda – such an amazing place. We both got some great shots above and under the waterline.

      From the cabin roof of TIE I kept looking forward into the mirror like lagoon and turning back towards Bossa Nova… it was funny to look at the photo sequence in my camera!

  2. Another grey day here while you frolic in the deep blue! Looks wonderful and hopefully, along with enjoying the beautiful sea life underwater, the fishy fishy call is working for the yummy ones.

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