Still Waiting!

We thought we would have our A frame back by now, but delays with the anodising and tradies who don’t return calls have been particularly irritating. It took a countless number of messages and in the end one sharply worded email to finally get advice that Monday 8 April is D day. Our rigger is supposed to pick up the seagull striker from the anodiser and fit it back on board – 5 weeks after it came off the deck. We’ll see whether it actually happens!

In the meantime, we are feeling rather stuck, especially when it is raining. We are however using the time as best we can. Wade has completed the re-sealing of 14 hatches.

14 hatches done!
Now it is nap time. But not everybody is snoozing!
Sunset at Peel Island

As for me, I am working on a book: Oases under the sea, a compilation of several seasons of underwater photography at the Great Barrier Reef. We will add to our collection this winter, but the hard work of sorting through thousands of images, selecting our favourites, developing them and doing the research on various species of coral and fish is well progressed. Rather than being an identification book, I am intending it to be all about fascinating shapes, vibrant colours and interesting behaviours.

Screenshot of our book in the making

We are a few months away from publication, but this book will be a reflection of our love for the Reef and the wondrous marine life lying under our hulls. And it is a therapeutic exercise that keeps me sane during this frustrating time.

Our voyage to Lord Howe is now officially deferred till the summer season. With all the delays, we would have had to rush to make it there and back in time for a trip to the Southern Great Barrier Reef in early May with a friend. So plan B is invoked for the rest of April: get the blasted A frame back, medical stuff in Mooloolaba, then a bit of time around Fraser Island.

12 thoughts on “Still Waiting!

  1. The waiting for parts and repairs must be maddening, but it looks like you and Wade are still keeping yourselves busy. It’s wonderful to get a peek at Bengie–I am surprised that she was not napping too.

  2. What a fantastic task of writing a book, Chris. You have plenty of experience over and under the sea. That will keep you busy during navigation. Great idea! Take care my friend. 🙂

    • Hi HJ – making a photo book is a great way to relive the dives and learn more about the marine life we see. You know what it’s like, you take lots of photos but they sit on your laptop and you don’t look at them often whereas in a book you do!

  3. Good grief, I feel your pain guys. We dropped our metal components plans into a local metal fabricator 12 weeks ago. After numerous failed promises I took the plans back yesterday : job not even started! Here was me thinking badly of Tassy tradies and how much more “can do” they must be in Qld. Must be universal! I’ve decided to make my own CAD plans and get the components water jet cut myself: then present them to a fab shop, assembled ready to be welded. I guess it will save us $ in the long run, but a it’s job we don’t need to add to the list at this stage of proceedings.

    • Hi Pete, yes it is infuriating. The tradies have so much on that our job is one of a long list in their plate. It does not matter to them that you can’t go anywhere! We briefly thought of taking the job away and giving it to some other anodising mob but we would have fallen at the bottom of their list. You can’t win and have to grin and bear it. Fingers crossed we get it sorted early next week.

  4. Arrgghhhh! We feel for you. If it is any consolation we have still got no working anchor winch and can empathise. Our plan B will also be invoked – we will be heading north when we leave Macquarie Harbour. love to you all. Hugs and cat cuddles for solace. xxx Trish (it is raining here too!)

      • No one ever said ‘cruising’ was ‘smooth sailing.’ Unfortunately there are plenty of things to remind us (regularly) that this is a ‘lifestyle’ not a ‘holiday’. Fingers crossed!

    • Hi Lisa – thinking of you both too. The book is my positive focus and creative outlet while we wait and wait! Looking forward to going back to the reef next month to fill our world with wonder again.

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