Going a bit further north!

We left Cairns on Wednesday afternoon, having re-provisioned and received the Canon 7dii back from repairs – new circuit board… ouch!

With a week of really light conditions forecast, we had a change of plan. We had thought we’d go to Low Isles, but instead we are going past them and continuing further north to the outer reef ! We can stop at Low Isles on the way back south! Here is a chart of the region.

Mackay, Undine and St Crispin Reefs are our destination, the furthest north we will go this season – latitude 160S! We wondered about going all the way to Lizard Island, but we need to be within reach of an airport by 20 September, when Murray & Maree, Wade’s older brother and his wife, might be joining us for a fortnight. Once you get to Lizard Island, you can easily get stuck there. We have noticed that the winds past Cape Tribulation have consistently been at least 5 knots stronger, and this makes it difficult to head back south from there if it blows at 25+. So that’s the plan, but as you know, things can easily change.

With a light breeze on the way out of Cairns, we lazily sailed to Double Island on 4 September, and anchored there for the night. So nice, so calm, so scenic, and with 4 or 5 fishing boats anchored between the island and the mainland, we could tell it was a good spot!

Sailing to Double Island
Gorgeous anchorage at Double Island

Even Bengie thought it was pretty relaxing, coming out on deck and checking out the surroundings from the boom bag.

Looking north

The next morning, the little poop machines were visiting, much to our pussycat’s dislike – lots of bleating at them!

Leaving Double Island

It is lovely to be on the move again, and it is exciting to be heading for the Outer Reef in calmer conditions. This will be the first time since being in Far North Queensland that we will be out there in less than 15 knots! Normally, with the steady Trade Winds, we put up with 15-20 knots, which is manageable but not ideal! You get tossed around a bit both at anchor and while snorkeling.

It is also tinged with sadness as we start turning our mind to our return south at the end of the month. Although cruising in whatever direction is our life, it feels a bit like the end of a holiday is coming soon! However, there is still time to discover new sights and be amazed. So stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Going a bit further north!

  1. It’s great. as always, to have Bengie make an appearance. Is the bird that you photographed some kind of swallow? It looks like some of the ones that I have seen locally, though the coloration is different.

  2. I loved the little poop machine! and Bengie’s close-up. Take care, Chris. 🙂

  3. I can hear Bengie in my mind bleating at the swallow, it is soo funny to hear her when one dares to come on board. Enjoy your last days up north.

  4. Enjoy the calm weather – we have 30 plus degrees here, 20 plus northerlies and a severe fire danger – not the time to get out and enjoy the day. Cilla used to bleat at the little poop machines too – Tiger just watches. As a completely off topic subject – I notice you are heading near Bloomfield River – we had part of our honeymoon at Bloomfield lodge. Much love to all three of you. Trish

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