Back to just the two of us

Our cousins Deb and Grant got a taste of life afloat for two weeks. They saw our ups and downs, our slightly hyperactive nature, our resourcefulness and zest for life. We had many laughs, warm chats, more food and wine than we probably should. We discovered new spots together, both on land and underwater. Grant even helped Wade with a couple of fix up jobs on the run! There were some quiet contemplative times too, opportunities for reflection, for sharing problems, as well as joy and that glorious sense of adventure.

The awesome foresome

For a memorable end to our family time we climbed Mt Oldfield at Lindeman Island, enjoying panoramic views of the Whitsundays and the delight of thousands of butterflies fluttering around us all the way up!

The view at the top of Mt Oldfield

We then had an easy sail back to the northern part of the islands. Here is a slideshow of the highlights:

  • Boat Port, Lindeman Island
  • Little Lindeman and Pentecost Islands
  • Pentecost Island and the Whitsundays
  • Blue Tiger butterfly

We have an enviable lifestyle, but as we often say it is not without hard work and planning, and it is not always idyllic! It is special to share our life on Anui with family or friends as they stay with us for a short period. We enjoy those precious moments of closeness just as much as our guests enjoy our unusual life and home!

And now it is back to just the two of us.

Thanks Grant for this lovely image of us

We felt a little flat when Deb & Grant left, but there were jobs to attend to while at Airlie Beach with good internet coverage and services handy. First there were the heavy burdens: dealing with Papa’s estate and its emotional roller coaster, organising some heirloom pieces to be shipped to Australia from France, addressing mistakes made by an incompetent financial institution in the set up of Chris’s pension which was threatening to result in a huge tax bill. And then there was the practical list of to do’s: tons of laundry, re-provisioning, servicing the engines, getting the torn dinghy grab handle fixed by Whitsunday Ocean Services, the same company which repaired our kayak, getting Chris’s laptop back from repair at Leading Edge Computers, attending to medical checks for both of us. It had all come together really well… that is until the tachometer on one of our engines stopped working – a problem with the alternator! It was beyond Wade’s capability and we had to get a ‘man’ on the job… which is happening early next week. Till then we are stuck! Argh!

But in the meantime, look who has come to cheer us up: a Dugong… at Airlie Beach… incredible!

These creatures frequent the warm shallow coastal waters of northern Australia where seagrass is found. They are a threatened species so we were lucky to see this one but amazed it was in such a busy anchorage! While we hang around here, we hope to see this beautiful Dugong again! We wrote a post about dugongs a few years ago. Here is the link for those interested.

26 thoughts on “Back to just the two of us

  1. That is a great photo of the two of you (Grant did a fine job) and I like how you said it felt “flat” when they left – I feel that after visiting family – kind of unplugged for a while – and it is all good – but takes adjusting – 😊
    Safe sailing and enjoyed the post

  2. Beautiful pictures, Chris. You had a great time with family…Now, Anui is asking for attention.
    Take care, my friend. 🙂

  3. Turn it up Chris…. Don’t go telling everyone how good it is out on Anui with you guys. There may be no vacancies next time Deb and I have the chance to come aboard again.

    We had a wonderful time with the two of you and your words echoed our sentiments.

    Definitely looking forward to the next adventure with the two of you. Stay well. Fair Winds.

  4. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I remember seeing Dugongs in Shark Bay, WA, but we only saw their noses coming up, we were nowhere as near as you were. As usual love the photos.

    • Hi Elgar! A bit more serene now as we have finished our chores and wait for a couple of days for the wind to die down and electrician to do his magic, but we were a bit hyper at the start of the week! Secretly hoping we can get to the reef afterwards… that’s when serenity really comes.

  5. How wonderful to see the dugong, wow! Loved the photos of you all having a good time. nice to see

  6. Great photo of the two of you. Chris, your hair is getting long! ‘Blue sky, blue water, sunshine’; Hopefully that image gets you through all the hard stuff. xxx

    • We do look serene and happy. Grant did a great job of capturing the moment! Although far from being at peace with what is going on, we do feel very fortunate and know things will settle on the French front. Hope all is well with you two at the Keppels.

  7. Hi Chris. All is well ‘down south.’ We are popping into RBM tomorrow morning to catch up with a contractor for an issue we think we solved yesterday but best still to get the professional’s in to double check. We should be out again on Wednesday to continue enjoying this area. love to all of you.

  8. I love all of the beautiful photos, Chris. The color of the water looks so captivating. As for hiking with butterflies, it sound like heaven. The cares of “real” life are always there, but it seems like you and Wade have them reasonably well in hand, or as least as much as is possible when dealing with bureaucracies.

    • Hi Mike – the hardest thing about dealing with ‘normal’ life bothers is being itinerant, with not always reliable communication. Most bureaucracies don’t really understand what our lifestyle entails! So we have a week of frustration then escape to the wilderness to return to a more serene state.

      • It seems to me that there is a real premium on being organized, so that you can take care of all of the issues efficiently during those times when you are in “civilization.” You are pretty independent, but as you noted in this posting and in others, there are repairs/replacements that require specialists (both for yourselves and for your boat).

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