Bengie is 15!

Miaow everybody! It’s me, Bengie, the ship’s cat in charge of Anui.

I know my humans posted yesterday, but today, 28 August, is my birthday so you have to be particularly nice to me. I am 15 (77 in cat years).

Now after all this time some of you can’t spell my name right and think I am a boy. I am a girl, I am Bengie the Bengal! Bengie… Bengal… get it? I have to apologise for my humans who did not have much imagination when they baptised me. But at least once you know it is easy to remember.

See my name tag?

Okay, so at 15 I am not a spring kitten anymore, I need more sleep, I am not as nimble as I used to be and am a bit more careful jumping on and off things, but I still like exploring and playing! Off late my humans have been giving me marijuana oil for arthritis and it has helped a lot! I don’t limp anymore!

One thing I really enjoy is lumping on my humans… lots of cuddles and very comfy! I also make an effort to be nice to visitors, even small ones who like to tease me. And as always I am quite chatty, especially if I am hungry, excited or wanting some attention!

We haven’t been on the high seas quite as much this last year as we have spent a lot of time in shipyards. Mind you it has meant I could wander around some rather interesting nooks and crannies on land even if it has required climbing up and down ladders! So although my mum and dad have been a bit grumpy about our extended stay in the shipyard, I have had fun as you can see from some of the photos I have selected.

You know the drill – here are 15 recent pictures of me, now it’s your turn to let me know which one is your favourite!

48 thoughts on “Bengie is 15!

  1. Happy 15th Birthday Bengie!!! Many pats from Phil & I. Ella Bleu is very envious and wishes she could join you on your amazing travels. We love all your photos, they clearly seem to say “I am a very happy ships cat”

  2. Wow, tough call for favourite picture – you’re just so gorgeous in all of them! And brave and adventurous and adorable….. Happy Birthday Bengie xo🎂🥳❤️

  3. Happy, happy, happy birthday Bengie – yep – knew you were a boy naturally but have managed to misspell your name just a few times !!! Look – I am an old-timer like you, but how you feel and what you love to and can do are way more important than some number attached to the end of your name . . . right ? The young’uns know nothing from nothing . . . let’s not tell’em !!! I don’t actually have any real favourite photos of you . . . guess all the ‘climbing ones’ to show we can, ‘course we can !!! . . . birthday pressies . . . I think you know you have ’em: Mom and Dad are pretty special and what about the life you can share . . . . lucky duck you – enjoy !!!

  4. Snooze Time. Happy Birthday and sending lots of cuddles Bengie. Dont know if this will get through. We are currently hiking and very remote. We look forward to more cat cuddles when we next see you. Xx Trish and Andrew

  5. Happy Birthday Benjie. I love all your photos. Very sprightly for 15! Our Ocicat Monty is also 15 and still climbs fences no problem, but is also getting a bit stiff in the back end. I like the sound of the cannabis oil. Might have to try it!

  6. A very Happy Birthday to Bengie and what a treat for us to have so many photos of her. I think my favorite is the one called Shipyard Cat. I love too the shots of Bengie on the ladder.

      • We all love Bengie. There is something so whimsical about having a cat on board a boat full-time. It is always fun to see her adventures when she goes for a walk on the beach when you are sailing. During your extended stay at the shipyard, she had an even wider range of adventures. It seems like there would be enough material to produce a children’s picture book of The Adventures of Bengie, the Shipyard Cat. 🙂

  7. Happy birthday Bengie. My daughter has a male Bengal, his name is Tommy and about 5 years old. At the moment he is not well, stressed with anxiety. How do you deal with this while sailing the seas. Cheers from Penny off SV Aroha.

    • Hi Penny, Bengie is very comfortable and used to living on board so has never suffered from anxiety. She is a pretty relaxed bengal. Always upsetting when a pet is not well. Has your daughter been able to identify what stresses Tommy? May be she should talk to a vet if not already done. Will pop over to say hello when we get back from the beach later this afternoon.

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