No luck finding a buddy boat yet!

Our attempts to secure a buddy boat for the Swains and southern Coral Sea Atolls have failed to date and we are therefore heading off on our own for now. Who knows, we might meet somebody on the way!

Finding cruising couples with a thirst for adventure, comparable interests and plans is not easy. Timeframes are often what is hardest to coordinate. Disappointingly we found out this week that the guys who were keen to accompany us won’t be ready until sometime in June and everybody else we have approached have similar timeframes. We are not prepared to waste another month to six weeks hanging around waiting, so we will start our northern trek as soon as the wind allows. We are still hopeful we will find willing companions on the way up, but if we don’t so be it!

In Moreton Bay while the northerlies blow

This week, we continued our slow wonders along Stradbroke and Moreton Islands. The weather has been very fickle, with strong SE initially, then hardly a breath of wind as the breeze turned to the north. Not a lot of sailing to be had, but plenty of beach walks at Tipplers, Jumpinpin and Peel Island. It was pleasant enough, bar one night of watching boats dragging far too close to us at Jumpinpin.

Bengie had fun at Canaipa and Raby Bay. She is funny, on quiet evenings at anchor with no wind and a flat sea she likes to go for a deck patrol. If she is really excited, she hops onto the boom and tries to climb the mast or have a play inside the sail bag. This precarious activity gets rather scary to watch as she steps to the very end of the boom before she creeps inside the bag with much meowing going on, then later reappears. It would be easy for her to fall off. Pretty daring for an old cat! You can see the excitement in her eyes.

Bengie on the boom at sunset

Emerging from inside the boom bag!
And of course, Bengie can’t resist a bag!

While in go-slow mode we attended to a few boat maintenance issues: finally fixed a stubborn leak from the hot water service, changed a chafed bridle, even got the rigging checked (part of the service after the new rig was installed) during our stay at Raby Bay.

Scott Keogh – SK Yacht Rigging – checking the rigging before we head off
Sunrise over Raby Bay

The light northerlies continue till the end of the week so we are in Moreton Bay for a few more days. We have provisioned the boat in Cleveland, are catching up with dear friends at the Sandhills over the weekend, then we are heading north as soon as the southerlies return.

As we have often said, cruising plans are written in the sand at low tide. Another wave, another tide… and we invoke plan B, C or D! We journey onwards.

17 thoughts on “No luck finding a buddy boat yet!

  1. So many beautiful photos! Bengie is so cute, I love her spunky attitude. How did that fella get up the mast? Seems very dangerous. Sorry about not finding any cruising buddies.🫤

    • Hey John, she is spunky isn’t she! Very playful and chatty too. She does not get up the mast… just tries to jump up and slides back down!

      Might find a buddy as we sail north, so we are just getting on with what we want to do.

  2. Unfortunately we are tied up until mid June, but would love to buddy up – if it works for a mono to buddy with a multi! We’ll watch your progress.
    Chris & Suzanne

  3. A clarifying read after scrolling thru’ Instagram posts earlier! Somehow thought you had a buddy boat and am now holding my fingers crossed! And also said ‘oh’ seeing where Bengie had managed to ‘wander’ – oops! And, being an evening person tought the beautiful Raby Bay photo was taken in the evening – not thinking of directions, was I? bestest . . . . am hoping for all you do . . .

    • Hiya Eha, yes we had found a buddy boat but they omitted to mention they had commitments till some time in June! That’s life, but no more hanging around… we need an adventure!
      Bengie… yes, old but frisky!

  4. Wish we were able to join you, another time perhaps. Love Bengie cat, she is such a beautiful girl, and matches the sunrise colours up there. What a view Scott would have up there in the rigging. Happy travels and thanks again for such beautiful photos and your accompanying, always interesting, snippetts of news. Happy travels & if not a sailing buddy this time you have many joining your adventures in spirit, Lindy & Phil & Ella Bleu

    • Hello Team Wahoo! Always nice to get your comments. Hope you too are planning some great adventures and we meet up somewhere on the water! Take care.

  5. It has turned so cold and windy down here in Sydney. I do not like winter BRRRRR. As I sit in front of my desk, I have an electric throw around me in the hope I will warm up and keep snuggly. Because I have been away and sick I haven’t really touched my emails. A few months worth. I did a couple of hours yesterday and I am back now. I then have to add stuff to my spreadsheets, so it will take quite a few days.

    Pepa is on the sofa with a granny over her, she agrees with me about the cold wet stuff outside. I am doing much better now , and it will be interesting to see what the Doc at RPA has to say on Wednesday.

    Travel safely you two. I really liked the shots of the beach and of course little Bengie. It is good she can still have adventures and explore the confines of the boat.

    • Hi Susie, it’s comforting to know you are getting better and stronger. We were so worried about you!

      Right now we are getting ready to leave Moreton Bay and head north. It is such a relief to be on our way. The days are cooler now but not as chilly as what you are experiencing… just more pleasant. Bengie snuggles to us every opportunity she gets and sleeps with us at night… the sign it is not hot anymore!

  6. Beautiful photos as always, love the antics of Bengie ⛵️ sad we can’t be coming north with you but we will catch you up on our way past. So gorgeous to spend time with you before you left for your adventure north. Fair winds, safe sailing and have lots of fun ⛵️💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 we love you Anui crew xx

    • Hello Gipsy girl! Lovely to get your comment – really appreciate this. Let’s hope we get to see you and Alex somewhere in the big blue. 😘 until then, get yourselves and Gipsy ship shape!

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