We are on our way, but!

We are on our second week of 25 to 30 knot Southeast, and the swell out at sea has been 2 to 2.5 meters. So guess what?  We are on our way but have slightly altered our departure plans.

We finished our medicals on Monday and had to wait longer for the weather conditions to improve. Waiting! More waiting! Waiting for the sea surface temperature to cool, waiting for the rain to stop, waiting for the gales to ease, waiting for cruising friends to be ready to go… This cruising life is a lesson in patience.

Lovely tropical weather we are having!

Bengie has been quite happy with us being boat bound though. She has been getting lots of cuddles, lots of play in bags which she is particularly fond of hiding in: green bags, laundry bags, any bag will do… that or the lockers!

At the very least, we have now made a move. Here is an image taken by friends on Sengo, as we were motoring away from the Broadwater.

Leaving the Broadwater

Having no desire to go out in rough conditions when our sea legs are a bit wobbly after such a long break from daily sails, we have decided to start our journey north, but do so slowly and gently. Instead of taking the ocean route from the Gold Coast Seaway to Cape Moreton, we are going on the inside of Stradbroke and Moreton Islands. We will take our time going up the coast towards Fraser Island and beyond, doing tiny hops as we wait patiently for our likely cruising buddies to join us on our Swains and Coral Sea Atolls escapade. More on this when things are confirmed.

We are told by Wade’s brother – a meteorologist who specializes in forecast models – that the waters of the East Coast are outrageously warm even now. Tropical cyclones are still on the cards up north. We certainly can see this from the sea temperature mapping the Bureau of Meteorology publishes. Craig tells us our plan to sit at Lady Musgrave and wait before venturing out a long way offshore is a prudent one, but we should not rush. So we are slowing the pace down a little.

First stop, Tipplers… only a few miles along South Stradbroke Island – told you we are doing tiny hops! We had never actually anchored at Tipplers as it is generally crowded, but mid week was pleasant. An opportunity for a beach walk, lunch at the Café, there would have been a swim in the ocean, but the Blue Bottles were too numerous!

And then there was the unavoidable maintenance on the go: a third attempt at fixing the leak from the hot water service (aargh) and a successful application of self adhesive EVA tape around the dinghy to protect it from impact.

We are happy to be on our way at last. The weight of boredom has lifted.

15 thoughts on “We are on our way, but!

  1. I can sense some frustration, but . . . you are lucky to have Wade’s brother for educated personal advice and surely have no desire to be tossed around by cyclonic conditions, so . . . the corny ‘patience is a virtue’ has to be a mantra. Hope your friends and you will be in magical turquoise waters soon . . . Hi, Bengie . . . . . .

    • Morning Eha, yes definitely frustration but easier to manage now that we are on the move and can relax into cruising mode. Bengie says hello!

  2. You are at least on the water which is great, enjoy. Bengie you are so much fun. Last night at Di’s her cat Ebbie was kind enough to bring in her lastest find – a juvenile RAT. So we had cat chasing rat, dog chasing cat & rat Di chasing all 3 in an attempt to catch the rat and put it outside. It was hilarious but fortunately the rat made its escape out the back door!!!! The dog and cat then spent a considerable time hunting for the rat- to no avail.

    • Oh Sue, we can just imagine! The only hunting Bengie does is an attempt at bleating at the ducks, seagulls and welcome swallows! Pathetic really, but harmless!

      • Quite right, wind and weather being the common denominator! Hey do you guys do much reading while in quiet times? If you do, we found an amazing page turner by Jeanine Cummins, ‘American Dirt’ , Claire gave it a 10, me …. 9.5.

    • Hi Mick, patience is a virtue I lack, but Wade is a bit better at that! And yes, the sea temp is still too high NE of Gladstone where we want to go.

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