Impressions of light and colour

We are in France for three weeks, visiting Chris’ s family.  Although this post does not have a nautical theme, we thought it would be remiss of us not to share the brilliant day we spent at Giverny, exploring the spectacular gardens of French Impressionist Claude Monet.


La Grande Allée in the centre of Monet’s Garden, with his house in the background

The beauty and abundance of the gardens is striking. There is a profusion of blooms, a never ending feast for the eyes.   Claude Monet could have been considered a master gardener and horticulturist, but above all, as a painter, he was a master of light and colour.   The Giverny gardens are works of art that long ago inspired him and have continued to inspire countless others ever since.  It is a delight for gardeners, artists and photographers alike.

The gardens are organised in two sections:

  • In the Clos Normand, three acres of flowers grow and bloom together harmoniously, changing with every nuance of the day, weather and season.  Plants are arranged in various colour combinations, shapes, heights and textures.  We saw many species of dahlias, gladiolas, anemones, chrysanthemum which flower in August,
  • Then there is a wonderful two acres of Water Garden which inspired Monet’s “Les Nymphéas”, the artist’s water lily series of paintings.

An example of how Monet staged his plantings according to various colour schemes

Overall, as you wander through the gardens,  you get a sense of “orderly disorder”, a feel of wild abandon.

Here are some gorgeous photos taken by both of us.  Click on any of them to display in full screen.  Where we could identify the name of the flowers, we have included them in the captions.


4 thoughts on “Impressions of light and colour

    • Thanks Ann, we were very lucky to do this on a bright sunny day. But I think the gardens would have looked wonderful by any weather. Would love to go back in a different season!

  1. What an inspiring place! Beautiful photos Chris. Thanks for sharing. Travel safe. K x

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