There’s a hole in the wall!

Don’t panic, people, the Hole in the Wall is the name of our latest anchorage at Jervis Bay, which we got to yesterday afternoon.  More on this later, but first, let’s recap on the last few days.

Generator at work

Ingenuity at work, it’s raining heavily, but the generator is under cover!

We ended up spending two very rainy days in Snug Cove, Eden.  Plenty of wind out there – to 40kn, but calm where we were… which brings us to the subject of power production.  With the solar cells on strike, Ampy the windmill motionless, we were taking out more to run the fridge and freezer than we were putting in!  We had to bring out the generator.

Snug Cove - Eden

The rain has stopped at last in Snug Cove!

We managed to escape ashore once we had emptied the dinghy full of rainwater and the day brightened a little with a reprieve from the rain in late afternoon Wednesday.

Big-Red-SailingThursday morning nice and early it was time to head out, bound for Broulee Bay, 80nm (160kms) north.  Despite the frequent squalls, we had a great 13 hour sail under Big Red the spinnaker in 15-20 SW to SE.  Wade broke our all time speed record: 15.7kn, hand steering because George the autopilot has a hard time with tail winds and waves, and at that speed meanders under spinnaker are not forgiving.  In fact we were going so well we thought we would keep going beyond our intended destination, a further 50nm to Jervis Bay… that is until the wind died!  So we detoured back, adding another 10 miles to the passage.

We wished we had kept going though!  Broulee was a shocker of an anchorage.  In the past it has been very enjoyable, but this time there was so much swell wrapping around the island and coming in that we felt sea sick… in bed!  So we were out of there at 5.00am Saturday morning, this time bound for Jervis Bay, 60nm (120kms) further north.

With a light Easterly breeze, we ended up motor-sailing all the way, but the sun was out so it was far more enjoyable than the bucketing rain and dark skies we have had since leaving the Gippsland Lakes.


Hole in the Wall from the ocean

We are now moored at “Hole in the Wall” inside Jervis Bay, so called because there is a small gap between the 12kms of cliffs and Bowen island, at the southern entrance to the bay.  With the sun out, the aqua and totally calm water, we feel we are in heaven.  Just as well, since we will be here probably till Wednesday, while the Northerlies blow.  No sooner were we moored that we jumped in the water for a well earned swim, then a freshwater shower on the sugar scoops.  Barbecue in the cockpit for dinner, a glass of wine or two…  We have started a crop of alfalfa, mung beans and other sprouts, and today I will make some bread.  These are all the signs the holiday has now started in earnest!

Our progress northwards is fairly slow.  We have an intended destination, a return date, and the rest will just happen, dependent on the weather and the state of the sea.  It is a terribly frustrating thing to fight what you can’t control.  But it is a wonderfully relaxing thing to yield to the elements.

Here are a few photos for you.  Click on the first image to display in full screen slideshow.

18 thoughts on “There’s a hole in the wall!

  1. Oh Chris, it all sounds wonderful apart from the rough swells @ BB.
    Lovely seeing your pics and reading about the trip along the way.

  2. Settle in and enjoy whatever the weather – I think you both know how to do it well. Introduced my 10 & 8 year old nieces to Benjie today – most impressed by the seafaring puss – hope she is enjoying her holiday too.

    • Hi Ann – glad the girls liked Bengie and her very own page! To tell you the truth, she isn’t all that impressed with the trip so far, but it’s better than jail! We have just made a late move to the other end of Jervis Bay – to Long Beach- to get some shelter from strong northerlies. Now sipping in a glass of wine! xx Chris & Wade

      • We have had our sip of wine and now waiting for meteor watching time-geminidis shower supposed to peak tonight so will be sitting out hoping to catch a bit of the show.

  3. Hi there
    I’ve been following your blogg for a little while. We live at Forster & see many yachts .& cats come in for a break as they cruise the ocean. If you were considering the same . I’d love to help you out with anything you needed. Use of my washing machine & directions for provisions etc
    We play on a trailer sailer & plan to take it to jervis bay after Christmas .
    All the best on your voyage
    They tell me hyme beach is something special @ jervis bay
    Cheers Jayne

    • Hi Jayne, what a lovely offer and nice message to wake up to! We stayed overnight in Forster last year on our way back from Lord Howe. Not sure how we’ll go this year as the weather is rather iffy! Thanks also for the suggestion of Hyams Beach. On checking the chart it is on the SW side of Jervis Bay so we probably won’t get to it this time as the NE is blowing, but handy to know for another visit.

      As a matter of interest, how did you come across our site? You should click on follow in earnest and get the automatic notification of new posts😊
      Enjoy your sailing trip to Jervis Bay. It really is a beautiful part of the NSW coast. Cheers – Chris & Wade

    • Hi guys, progress north feels a bit slow and we wonder about our goal, but you know how it is with waiting for the weather! At least it’s warmer than where you are! 😃😃. We’ve just had a day of maintenance. A few things gave up like our dinghy outboard… But it’s all good now! Chris & Wade

  4. When you were writing this one you did not know of the rough weather ahead, glad you enjoyed Jervis Bay

    Love Sue

    • JB is always gorgeous. We like it there, but the approach is often rough, even in fair weather because of the waves rebound against the sheer walls. It’s horrible in weather like what we had yesterday.

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