Huge month in Cruising Helmsman

Our shipwright’s email said “Congratulations on the publication of a fine shot of Big Red!”  “What shot is he referring to??” – “Don’t know;  maybe you have an article published!” said Wade. A quick check of the Cruising Helmsman website gave us the answer:  not only have we got two articles published in the June issue of this yachting magazine, but the photo of Take It Easy sailing under spinnaker towards Pancake Creek has made front cover.  Oh what a feeling!

CH Front Cover June 2016

So, without further ado, here are the two new articles. We hope you enjoy the read and the photos.

Lure of the Reef

Lure of Reef

Cruising among coral reefs in your own yacht is an unforgettable experience. In this article we share five of our favourite anchorages in the Southern Great Barrier Reef. This was written after we brought our boat back from Queensland earlier this year. To read the article, click on the photo on the left, or go to our Published PageDestinations section.



Cruising with Novices, Top 10 tips

NovicesGetting family or friends to enjoy our sailing lifestyle requires a little planning.  This article provides some tips to make life on board a little easier when your passengers are new to cruising. This was compiled after our winter cruise with my sister Véronique and her husbandDidier over from France.  It took a while to write the article, as my Mum died soon after this memorable voyage, and sent us all into turmoil for months.  Again, click on the badge on the left to read this or go to our Published PagePractical section.


18 thoughts on “Huge month in Cruising Helmsman

  1. Big (Red) congratulations!! And looking forward to reading your articles. Also very sorry to hear about your mother – losing a parent is really, really awful.
    All best wishes,

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