Published Articles in May & June

May and June were big months in the yachting press for Take It Easy, with three articles published. It is always a great feeling to see our stories and photographs in print.

Article Front Page

First was “From Spectacular to Ugly” published by Australian Multihull World in the May issue. This described a scary incident where our boat sustained storm damage.  Sailing is not always champagne drinking and idyllic conditions, and readers always enjoy a bit of drama, especially when they are not in the midst of it!


Then in June we made a big splash in Cruising Helmsman. Traditionally the June issue of this recreational yachting magazine focuses on multi-hull stories and we are very pleased to have had our articles and our catamaran prominently featured for three years in a row.  In this issue we have two articles:

Underwater PUnderwater Photography – 4 Steps to wonder with a full double page spread of one of our photos – always a thrill! As editor Phil Ross puts it, “above water is wonderful, but underneath can be even more wondrous.”



Furious Weatherand “Furious Weather”, recounting the experience and analysing the lessons learnt after our encounter with destructive winds – same topic as the article for Multihull World, but written a little differently and in more detail.



You can read all of these articles by clicking on the relevant images or going to our Published Page, Practical section. Enjoy the stories and the photos.

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