Macquarie Harbour Wilderness

When you think harbour, you may well have an image of a port, with artificial structures and jetties. But picture this: an enclosed waterway six times the size of Sydney Harbour; empty it out of people and townships, and instead fill it with rainforest wilderness right down to the water. This has been our world for a while in Macquarie Harbour.

Macquarie Harbour_LI.jpg

We have gone through internet detox as there is very little coverage here, hence no news from us for nearly two weeks. But we have had fun and we have had some tense moments too.

TAS2018 - Macquarie Harbour - -1985

The surrounding untamed forest and the mighty Gordon River that flows through it make for an outstanding, otherworldly setting, wonderful for cruising, with numerous isolated anchorages. The only settlement is the village of Strahan with its fine old buildings dating back to the 1800s and the mining and timber boom. The rest is grandeur, isolation and the jewel in the crown of Tasmania’s Western wilderness. There is no one around, it is so big and breathtakingly beautiful.

TAS2018 - Macquarie Harbour-2110

We have discovered Macquarie Harbour in all its moods: sunny when we arrived, then misty, rainy at times, and above all rugged, dramatic and unpredictable. This post shows you a gallery of images from Macquarie Harbour and Strahan. The next post, scheduled in a couple of days will take you up the Gordon River where we hid for several days from wild weather. It has been interesting and eventful, so stay on the lookout for this exciting part of our adventure.

We are in this part of the West coast for a few more days, getting ready to head off to Port Davey some 80 miles south. A weather window is coming up.

For now, click on the first image to display in full screen slideshow.

24 thoughts on “Macquarie Harbour Wilderness

  1. Have been really looking forward to these Macquarie posts. Beautiful! Can’t wait for your next one. We were thinking of you guys during the big blow: things got pretty wild here on the North coast.

    • Hi you two! It got pretty wild here too! The wind was strong but up the river it was ok. Mac auriez Harbour is amazing. The Gordon was too. Weather wise it was the rising of the Gordon by 2m and the number of trees floating down that freaked us out! But we survived unscathed! This is such a superb place to come to! Really breathtaking!

  2. Ruggedly beautiful images of the gorgeous scenery–I love the shots with the hazy layers of mountains (hills?). The Azure Kingfisher looks amazing, but, of course, my favorite shot may well be the one of Bengie. 🙂

  3. This place looks so vast and incredibly beautiful, what views! I was wondering about you for the absence of your posts. I just hoped that you didn’t get caught in a bad storm. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your navigating Macquarie Harbor. I can’t wait for your next post… 🙂

    • Hi HJ, yes we had a few people worried. The only spot with internet is around the village of Strahan. As soon as you leave it you are in the wilderness. It is an amazing place. Glad you are getting a sense of the awe we feel.

  4. What a beautiful photo of the kingfisher. Lovely color. Of course a beautiful photo of the furry one. I have one getting cuddles beside me at the moment
    Stay safe

    • Hi Caroline. Yes this was the first time I was able to photograph one, so very happy. Bengie is very clingy at the moment… it is very cold so she snuggles!

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