Homely Port Macquarie

We have spent 10 days in Port Macquarie, some on a public mooring in front of town, but most of the time up the Hastings River anchored fore and aft in front of our friends Lisa and Waz’s house. Coming to Port Macquarie is like coming home: so welcoming.

port macquarie - pano-2

Sundowners in front of town with Waz and Lisa

Cat nip Ecstacy-2.jpg

Lisa brought Bengie a house warming present: Catnip, a real hit!

With Lisa’s fiftieth birthday and the Australia Day celebrations, it was a party that lasted several days. We met her special friends and family, had fun, ate too much, probably drank more than we should have too! Between the swims on the edge of the river to cool down in the heat, a bit of water skiing and surfing for Wade, visitors on board to check out Anui, and lots of chatting with everybody, the time went by very pleasantly.

port macquarie -1919

Calm after the parties!

port macquarie -1929

Daily shuttle!

port macquarie -1931We also caught up with followers and yachties Meredith and Brian, a nice way to spend our last evening in Port Macquarie.

port macquarie - pano1-2

Pink skies, thousands of bats flying over and a very frisky pussycat at sunset!

port macquarie pano3-edit

And now we are heading back to Queensland! We have a  short window of southerlies then easterlies to push us along. At this time of year we get long bouts of northerlies interrupted by brief southerly changes, and we also have to fight the Eastern Seaboard Current when northward bound. Of course we want to sail rather than motor, so we must be prepared to take what we can, when we can!

We will assess where we stop on the way, however our first overnight stop is likely to be Coffs Harbour where our friends Elgar and Claire are waiting for us with a Moussaka and fresh produce to boost! Beyond that, Iluka might be where we spend the weekend, but we will see how the weather develops.

A few things are happening over the next two weeks which mean we can’t laze about too much: we need to pick up our new mainsail and get the dinghy covers installed at Gold Coast Sailmakers, then head to Brisbane since on 20 February I fly to France to visit my dad. As some of you may recall, Dad was diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer and I want to spend some time with him while he is still relatively okay. This was the Christmas trip that was postponed because of riots in France, a threatening cyclone coming down the Queensland coast and us ending up with two catamarans to deal with following Anui’s purchase. I will be gone for three weeks. Wade will stay with the boat and our pussycat Bengie and he will plan our next big adventure to Lord Howe Island ready for when I get back.

We will post a couple of times before I disappear, so stay tuned!


16 thoughts on “Homely Port Macquarie

  1. Busy, busy, busy – but in the best way, by having a wonderful time. Happy northerly sailing.

    • Thanks Annie… yes it was a social time. We left early this morning and are now sailing downwind. No speed record yet but pleasant enough in cooler weather.

  2. Hi Wade & Chris
    We have been following your posts along this coastline with great interest Anui looks to be an amazing boat. You three look so settled on her. The photos & video are terrific.
    I am very sorry to hear about your father Chris.

    • Hi Lindy – yes we feel very comfortable on Anui and so lucky! Now sailing north again.
      As you can imagine, my visit to France will be quite emotional. Dad has done well to cope on his own with chemo which has bought him some time.

  3. Hi Chris and Wade,
    It was lovely to meet you properly last night and have a good stickybeak at Anui and what an impressive beauty she is.
    Hopefully you have enough of the southerly to get you northwards ( but not too much).
    Hope your trip back to France goes as well as can be expected, Chris.

    There is an open invitation for dinner next time you are back in Port ( unless we are off on one of our own adventures). Wade, I think Brian has some ideas about your spinnaker “kickers” if he hasn’t contacted you already.
    Safe travels.
    Meredith and Brian

    • Hi Meredith – we enjoyed welcoming you on board… about time after all these years! And we’ll catch up next time we come in for sure. It was lovely to share the many adventures we have all been lucky to experience.

      Brian did email Wade about his thoughts on the spinnaker. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to try things out today. Currently sailing under screecher. No speed record but better than motoring.

  4. Damn Southerlies….taking you away from us!
    What a terrific weekend and all the more pleasurable to share the celebrations with you!!
    Take care….safe sailing.
    Love Waz & Lisa

    • Hi Susie – had an okay sail to Coffs today … light conditions up the bum, so perfect to try the spinnaker, which we had not done before! Off to Yamba/Iluka tomorrow.

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