Fraser Island Discovery

Lake McKenzie

Serene Lake McKenzie

After leaving Tin Can Bay, we start our life aboard in earnest. It is a totally new experience for Didier and Véronique who take a couple of days to get used to the routine, the time zone change and the boat processes – water conservation, power usage, all those things you have to be aware of when you have to be self-sufficient for a few weeks.  They also have to adjust to the temperature, as even in sub-tropical regions, it is winter.  Mornings and nights are cold, days are mild, averaging 21º, so not their hot summer weather!  While they are getting accustomed to life onboard Take It Easy, we explore Fraser Island.

We spend a couple of nights at Garry’s Anchorage, at the Southern end of the island, then follow the Sandy Straits to Kingfisher Bay, two thirds of the way up the island’s west coast. There we take advantage of the eco-tourism resort and hire a 4WD for a day to explore ashore. We see several perched freshwater lakes, with the highlight being Lake McKenzie, which we have to ourselves in the early morning, a rare and breathtaking sight, and Lake Allom with its freshwater turtles and isolation.

Maheno, Fraser Island

Wreck of the Maheno

We check out a number of iconic sites inland, including Central Station, a region of beautiful rainforest where staghorn ferns abound. But no Fraser Island experience is complete without a long drive right on the beach, next to the wild ocean. The wreck of the Maheno is a reminder of the power of the waves along those shores, but quite a beautiful feature on the coast.

Monday sees us setting sails to reach Platypus Bay, at the top end of Fraser Island. We will spend a few days around these parts in several anchorages, hoping to see whales, and walk to Sandy Cape and its lighthouse.

Here is a selection of photos taken over the last few days that showcase some of the beautiful scenery we have seen to date.

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